26 Cool adventure DIY projects

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  1. In My Neighborhood

    In My Neighborhood

    Your kiddos will love creating colorful neighborhoods and cities with you as you discuss architecture and your neighborhoods! See what cities their imaginations will create.

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  2. Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    What could be more fun than a creative challenge than building a toy car with your child?

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  3. Easy Village Mural

    Easy Village Mural

    Want an inexpensive craft project that will keep your child happily occupied for a long time? Get out your Post-It notes and your all set...

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  4. Toddlers Build Venice!

    Toddlers Build Venice!

    Use shapes to build your Venetian city with your little ones. Once that's built, get ready to set sail on your boat and tour around...

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  5. Play Dough Cars

    Play Dough Cars

    You know those colorful caps that twist off of apple sauce or baby food pouches? Use them for some recycling crafty goodness...

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  6. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

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  7. Clay Flower Pots

    Clay Flower Pots

    I had a few spare planting pots sitting around, so I decided to pull together this simple and fun activity for my visiting niece. Together...

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  8. Tape City

    Tape City

    I love this activity because it's the easiest thing to pull out after dinner or on a rainy day and keeps O entertained and imagining...

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  9. Sprinkling Bottle

    Sprinkling Bottle

    Madeleine gets so excited when it's seed planting time...but it's so hard for the little ones to hold up those great big watering cans! ...

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  10. Easy Backyard Spy Fort

    Easy Backyard Spy Fort

    We are fans of all things involving forts and hideaways. This one was super easy to put together with the kids and I think it...

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  11. Mini Box Houses

    Mini Box Houses

    My kids love to play pretend. My daughter especially loves little houses for all of her creatures. This fun little craft lets them design a...

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  12. Rainbow Flower Banner

    Rainbow Flower Banner

    These bright rainbows are fun from start to finish! Grab glue and a piece of cloth, then head out to the garden to gather a...

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  13. Building Sticks

    Building Sticks

    I often find myself in need of a quick activity that keeps the kids busy and entertained. Kids love building and creating, and building sticks...

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  14. Pretzel Log Cabin

    Pretzel Log Cabin

    I think all kids love to build things. It just seems natural to them. My kids especially love to build things they can eat. Pretzel...

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  15. Lego Puzzle Cards

    Lego Puzzle Cards

    For my six-year-old, the best toy is a brand-new LEGO set to build. He loves to carefully follow the instructions, which is why I was...

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