19 Cool amusement park DIY projects

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  1. Penny Drop Game

    Penny Drop Game

    It's head down and ears up as you sharpen your kiddo's listening skills in this fun and easy counting game!

  2. Water Blast Game

    Water Blast Game

    Aim and Shoot! Knock all of the ping pong balls off with water to win!

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  3. Rock Star Microphone

    Rock Star Microphone

    This microphone was the start to hours of imaginative play for us. I loved seeing my daughter turn into quite the performer right before my...

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  4. Face Paint Pretend Play

    Face Paint Pretend Play

    My daughter loves face paint and would rather be on the painting side of things. We came up with a way to make her shine:...

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  5. Nutty Creations

    Nutty Creations

    Create a nutty family or a nutty zoo of animals with this nutty craft!

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  6. Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    We like to get fancy around here and my daughter asked if we could make crowns for her dolls. They were scheduled to attend a...

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  7. Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Looking for a way to beat the heat or have fun indoors? This balloon game is a colorful solution. Ages two to ten will all...

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  8. Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Challenge friends or family members to a great game of Ping Pong Bounce!

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  9. Dancing Magnet Animals

    Dancing Magnet Animals

    Make any animal you like--using paperclips for arms and legs will enable you to make it bounce, dance and wave!

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  10. Wishing Well Game

    Wishing Well Game

    It's hard for my kids to pass a water fountain without wanting to throw a penny in. I'm not sure if they actually make a...

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  11. Balloons + Bouncy Balls

    Balloons + Bouncy Balls

    We recently hosted a birthday party for our six-year old son. It was a lower key theme than some years past (which featured Pirates,...

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  12. Balloon Bracelet

    Balloon Bracelet

    The new fad trinket at store checkouts always grabs my kids' attention...and my attention too as I brainstorm ways that we can make the item...

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  13. Balloon + Penny = Coin Spinner (or Atom Smasher)

    Balloon + Penny = Coin Spinner (or Atom Smasher)

    Chemistry has played an important part in my life as Chemistry major and high school teacher. While particle accelerators, discovering elements, and Higgs Bosons...

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  14. Penny Toss

    Penny Toss

    We have been working hard to create games for my son's 7th birthday party. He had a Carnival theme, so we wanted easy games...

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  15. Clown Costume

    Clown Costume

    My daughter loves playing dress up and has been getting into the spirit of Halloween early this year. She's been asking, "Is it Halloween today"...

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