16 Cool apple DIY projects

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  1. Apple Oxidation Experiment

    Apple Oxidation Experiment

    Have you ever noticed that if you slice an apple in the morning, it turns brown by lunch? This is actually a chemical reaction at...

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  2. Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Nothing says fall like a warm cup of mulled cider. The scent alone puts everyone in a good mood and the taste is divine.

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  3. Luv Bug Smoothie

    Luv Bug Smoothie

    A refreshing, fun, healthy treat that your child will love to drink. Gulp! Mmmmm.

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  4. Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    This snack might be the easiest treat to make and eat. All you need is an apple and some yogurt of your choice. Use pink...

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  5. Baked Apples

    Baked Apples

    Mmmmm. S'mores baked apples! There's chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow baked inside this delightful treat. Your child will have fun getting into the stuffing process...

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  6. Apple Printed Book Covers

    Apple Printed Book Covers

    One of the first homework assignments many kids need to complete is to cover their books. Why not have a little fun doing it? Using...

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  7. Play Dough Critters

    Play Dough Critters

    This little play idea is quick and easy, and reuses those twist tops from apple sauce or baby food pouches. Add some pipe cleaners and...

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  8. Cheater Caramel Apple Cake

    Cheater Caramel Apple Cake

    Who can resist a spice cake filled with chunks of apples and smothered in homemade caramel sauce? Make this Apple cake with your child...

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  9. Apple Sandwich

    Apple Sandwich

    Boring sandwiches be gone! Try this yummy and toddler approved twist on the regular sandwich!

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  10. Play Dough Cars

    Play Dough Cars

    You know those colorful caps that twist off of apple sauce or baby food pouches? Use them for some recycling crafty goodness...

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  11. Apple Stamp Art

    Apple Stamp Art

    This apple stamp art has an extra special touch that makes it a perfect gift for a new teacher! My children love when they get...

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  12. Mini Apple Pies

    Mini Apple Pies

    Nothing smells better than warm apple pie coming out of the oven. Your child can make mini apple pies for dessert with this easy recipe!...

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  13. Apple Cider Pancakes

    Apple Cider Pancakes

    We recently went to visit an apple orchard and came home with oodles of apples. What do you do when you have that many apples?...

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  14. Snowman on a Stick

    Snowman on a Stick

    My son and I love to eat fruit together. We also love to create together. When we came across a picture for...

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  15. Polka-Dotted Pumpkins

    Polka-Dotted Pumpkins

    Carving pumpkins can be pretty tricky and a little nerve-wrecking when you have toddlers and preschoolers around. Sharp objects and little hands just don't go...

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