24 Cool apples DIY projects

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  1. Cheater Caramel Apple Cake

    Cheater Caramel Apple Cake

    Who can resist a spice cake filled with chunks of apples and smothered in homemade caramel sauce? Make this Apple cake with your child...

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  2. Recycle Plastic Bottles & Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes!

    Recycle Plastic Bottles & Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes!

    This is a cute and simple idea, that you can make in just a few simple steps with no toxic paint involved! You can use...

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  3. Apple Theme Sensory Bin

    Apple Theme Sensory Bin

    My daughters love sensory boxes. Sensory boxes are containers filled with tactile materials that kids explore with their hands. They're like tiny indoor playgrounds that...

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  4. Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich

    Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich

    A delicious apple and cheddar cheese combo. This is really quick to make and it's fun and mouthwatering to watch the cheese melt...

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  5. Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    This snack might be the easiest treat to make and eat. All you need is an apple and some yogurt of your choice. Use pink...

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  6. Apple Print

    Apple Print

    Fun with apples? Yes. Your child will have so much fun making art prints using painted fruit. A very easy, playful, and creative way for...

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  7. Baked Apples

    Baked Apples

    Mmmmm. S'mores baked apples! There's chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow baked inside this delightful treat. Your child will have fun getting into the stuffing process...

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  8. Apple Printed Book Covers

    Apple Printed Book Covers

    One of the first homework assignments many kids need to complete is to cover their books. Why not have a little fun doing it? Using...

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  9. Apple Stamps

    Apple Stamps

    When you have an extra apple or two in the fridge, why not spare one to make hand-stamped tote bags? Our finished...

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  10. Apples & Paint

    Apples & Paint

    In honor of the harvest season and Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year where you dip apples in honey to celebrate) I decided to try...

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  11. Apple Cider Pancakes

    Apple Cider Pancakes

    We recently went to visit an apple orchard and came home with oodles of apples. What do you do when you have that many apples?...

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  12. Apple Seed Stars

    Apple Seed Stars

    Use paper apples and real apple seeds to replicate the star pattern found inside of apples. With some fine-motor practice and persistence, my kids...

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  13. Monster Treats

    Monster Treats

    Mix up your snack routine with these monster treats! Little ones love how delicious they are and it's hard not to smile...

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  14. Healthy Apple Treats

    Healthy Apple Treats

    I love surprising my kids with little treats. A treat in our home doesn't mean candy or toys--it can be as simple as apples with...

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  15. Mini Pumpkin Pies w/ Press-In Crust

    Mini Pumpkin Pies w/ Press-In Crust

    This recipe is super easy and, best of all, super fun for kids. My grandmother taught me how to make press-in pie crust when...

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