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  1. Pasta Mosaic

    Pasta Mosaic

    My kids love the opportunity to use glue or paint--the messier the better. That's why we decided to create pasta mosaics! 

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  2. Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief art is one of our favorites. Combine that with springtime flowers? Well, you can't get much better than that!

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  3. Stained Glass Window Art

    Stained Glass Window Art

    I am such a fan of window art. It makes the whole family happy to have beautiful art to look at as the sun shines...

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  4. Newspaper Collage

    Newspaper Collage

    Sharks? Turtles? An octopus? What resides in your under-the-sea? We used newspaper magazines (with different shades of print) to make a...

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  5. Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    This is one of the first projects my daughter did in kindergarten this year: a self-portrait. I was so impressed and touched by this beautiful...

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  6. Color Match Caterpillar

    Color Match Caterpillar

    It's so fun when children start learning new things. My two-year old is learning his colors right now, and it's fun to see how excited...

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  7. Textured Paint Collage

    Textured Paint Collage

    Under the sea? Springtime flowers? Outer space? A day at the beach? This painting technique can be used for anything you...

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  8. Metapec Clay Suns

    Metapec Clay Suns

    Suns have often been a big part of many different cultures and celebrations--suns in Mexican folk art represent life cycles, positivity, and flourishing nature. People...

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  9. Watercolor Clay Turtles

    Watercolor Clay Turtles

    Wet-on-wet watercoloring is one of our favorite painting techniques; it's always so fun to see the colors move and travel as they will. Add...

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  10. Watercolor Resist Painting

    Watercolor Resist Painting

    Inevitably, the afternoon lull arrives. It usually comes around the time my son would nap when he was younger. But since "big boys" clearly can't...

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  11. Koala - Rainbows

    Koala - Rainbows

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  12. Butterfly Hand Puppet

    Butterfly Hand Puppet

    Puppets are fabulous for playful learning and this simple Butterfly puppet is made using just four easy to find items.

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  13. Yarn Faces

    Yarn Faces

    Yarn and paste can make for some very silly faces! This one is my daughter's "friendly" monster face. I think it's pretty cute!

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  14. A House for Hermit Crab Craft

    A House for Hermit Crab Craft

    There is something incredibly fascinating about a creature that needs to borrow shell to protect itself and to exchange that shell for a new one ...

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  15. Rubber Band Paint Stamping

    Rubber Band Paint Stamping

    My daughter has been into rubber bands lately. So, I made her a cool stamp to use during her painting times!

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