26 Cool bags DIY projects

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  1. Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    This is a fun and easy paper mache project that you can do with your kid/s! Have fun!

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  2. Ice Cream in a Bag

    Ice Cream in a Bag

    Making your own ice cream in a bag is definitely a great activity to include on your list of What To Do With The Kids!...

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  3. Play With Your Food!

    Play With Your Food!

    If you've just chopped up some broccoli or cauliflower and have scraps left over, why not let your little ones use them to paint with?...

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  4. Halloween Craft: Paper Bag Puppets

    Halloween Craft: Paper Bag Puppets

    Grab the kids and make these fun, creative, Halloween puppets! They are so easy to create and provide hours and hours of entertainment for your...

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  5. Love Bug

    Love Bug

    Handing out Valentine's cards at school is a time-honored tradition. Class mates and teachers alike will feel especially loved with these kid-made love bugs.

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  6. Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Play with your food by making these fun, easy to make, pasta monsters! They provide hours of entertainment for your kids while they express their...

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  7. Fabric + Scissors = Pouches for Treasures

    Fabric + Scissors = Pouches for Treasures

    Your kids get to capitalize on their tendency to collect "treasures" by making small bags out of fabric.  Parents help the kids make the bags...

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  8. Paper Circle Christmas Trees

    Paper Circle Christmas Trees

    There are so many different ways these trees could be made or decorated. They would also look very neat with some patterned scrap-booking paper or...

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  9. Ziploc Bag & Paint

    Ziploc Bag & Paint

    I was inspired by this post on Let's Explore to try this technique at home because it looks so entertaining, uses only two ingredients,...

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  10. Making Tea Paper for Maps, Journals and More

    Making Tea Paper for Maps, Journals and More

    Use tea bags on white paper to make paper look old and worn. Great for designing pirate maps, pioneer journals, old posters and more!

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  11. Homemade Pom Poms

    Homemade Pom Poms

    My daughter was cheering away after we made these super easy and very cute homemade pom-poms! She requested another pair to add to her bike...

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  12. Flying Teabag

    Flying Teabag

    Make a tea bag fly with heat! The flying tea bag experiment is...

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  13. Frozen Color Mixing

    Frozen Color Mixing

    Primary colors (red, blue,...

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  14. Bunny Bags

    Bunny Bags

    Hippity Hop! Easter is on its way, and with that comes one of my favorite animals... bunnies! I can't wait to use these adorable bunny...

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  15. Bird Nest Counting

    Bird Nest Counting

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to practice counting with this bird's nest-themed activity!

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