29 Cool balloon DIY projects

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  1. Balloon Decorating

    Balloon Decorating

    This past weekend, I took a trip with my 5-year-old to Party City and bought balloon LED lights to create  a set...

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  2. Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye never goes out of style. Enjoy having fun making these colorful shirts with your kids!

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  3. Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    This is a fun and easy paper mache project that you can do with your kid/s! Have fun!

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  4. Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing - it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using...

  5. Balloon Rocket

    Balloon Rocket

    Create your very own balloon powered rockets...

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  6. Rock Star Microphone

    Rock Star Microphone

    This microphone was the start to hours of imaginative play for us. I loved seeing my daughter turn into quite the performer right before my...

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  7. Magic Inflating Balloons

    Magic Inflating Balloons

    Can you make a balloon inflate without using air? Sure you...

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  8. Chocolate Bowl

    Chocolate Bowl

    Waking up to this chocolate bowl on Mother's Day morning would definitely put a smile on my face...and making the bowl put an even bigger...

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  9. Bubble Valve

    Bubble Valve

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  10. Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    This game takes seconds to put together and creates so much laughter. My kids enjoyed this game for days! It's a definite keeper for rainy...

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  11. Pretty Paper Trinket Bowl

    Pretty Paper Trinket Bowl

    If you're like me you just can not toss out those beautiful scraps of paper. We decided to do something with them on this day....

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  12. Electric Jellyfish

    Electric Jellyfish

    Learn about creating static electricity with this simple project. Explore...

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  13. Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket

    Mod Podge Fabric Easter Basket

    Using some fabric scraps and Mod Podge, we made our own Easter baskets! These will be great for Easter egg collecting and for the Easter...

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  14. Spinning Penny

    Spinning Penny

    Keep the little ones amazed for hours with this quick and simple lesson on centripetal force! Beware! This project is incredibly fun,...

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  15. Balloon Bracelet

    Balloon Bracelet

    The new fad trinket at store checkouts always grabs my kids' attention...and my attention too as I brainstorm ways that we can make the item...

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