11 Cool bananas DIY projects

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  1. Patriotic Ice Pops

    Patriotic Ice Pops

    Nothing quite cools during hot summer days and celebrating the 4th of July with a colorful, patriotic ice pop! This craft recipe is also a...

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  2. Animal Cracker Banana Pudding

    Animal Cracker Banana Pudding

    A low fat version of banana pudding. It has all that great banana-y, pudding-y goodness without all the fat and sugar. Topping it off with...

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  3. Berry Smash Ups Snack

    Berry Smash Ups Snack

    Your children will have so much fun squishing and smashing the ingredients to make this snack all by themselves!

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  4. Banana Drawings

    Banana Drawings

    When I discovered I could easily write on a banana with a toothpick, I got a little crazy with it. I wrote notes to my...

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  5. Super Healthy Cookie

    Super Healthy Cookie

    I love baking with my kids, but am always struggling to find healthy recipes to make together. This one gets the kids hands-on in the...

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  6. Valentine Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Valentine Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Valentine treats don't have to be all about candy. Here are some healthier treats with a bit of chocolate and an easy trick to shape...

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  7. Snowman on a Stick

    Snowman on a Stick

    My son and I love to eat fruit together. We also love to create together. When we came across a picture for...

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  8. Banana Truffles

    Banana Truffles

    My kids are pretty picky eaters, so we try to stay away from super sugary treats, or that's all they would eat. However, like most...

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  9. French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    The kids and I magically traveled to the beautiful French Polynesian islands this month and explored the tastes of Tahitian fruit pudding in our kitchen....

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  10. Banana Ice Cream

    Banana Ice Cream

    Truth be told, this is really ONE INGREDIENT ice cream, so I'm cheating a bit to sneak it on a Two Ingredient Tuesday. But it...

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  11. Frozen Banana Pops

    Frozen Banana Pops

    We're always looking for healthy snacks around here! Right now, my toddler is obsessed with "pops" (lollipops) so I thought we would use his...

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