32 Cool bird DIY projects

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  1. PIne Cone Bird Feeder

    PIne Cone Bird Feeder

    This bird feeder was a lot of fun for my two little ones to make. Seeing the birds fly down and grab their lunch off...

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  2. Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Use water color crayons to create colorful birds.

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  3. Easy Bagel Bird Feeders

    Easy Bagel Bird Feeders

    Cooler weather means it's time to make a few bird feeders to put out for our feathered friends. These are my favorite to make...

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  4. Salt Container Bird Feeder

    Salt Container Bird Feeder

    We love making bird feeders in our house. They are fun to put together, but the real fun starts when you get to see the...

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  5. Milk Jug Bird Feeder

    Milk Jug Bird Feeder

    My son and I love feeding the birds that pay a visit to our neighborhood. When he was young, my son would just sprinkle seeds...

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  6. What is a bird?

    What is a bird?

    There are three ways to tell an animal is a...

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  7. Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Can you make a raw egg bounce? Turn a raw...

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  8. Handprint Peacock

    Handprint Peacock

    Peacocks are such a beautiful bird. With the colors and all the feathers, it is no wonder my children love spotting them at the zoo....

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  9. Paint Chip Bird Art

    Paint Chip Bird Art

    My little one is getting better and better at his scissor skills. Paint chips are a great tool to practice with. They're easy to hold...

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  10. My Own Bird Wings

    My Own Bird Wings

    This was so simple, but the amount of creative play that came from it was absolutely priceless. My kids played for hours in the most...

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  11. Paper Bag Nest

    Paper Bag Nest

    This nest is so simple to make, but comes out just darling! My daughter has made several now, to fill with her spring knick-knacks. This...

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  12. Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Owls are all the craze these days, so my daughter thought it would be fun to create owl puppets using brown paper bags. This is...

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  13. Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    I love that children consider so many things treasures. It's very sweet and innocent. My daughter collects treasures everywhere she goes so we decided to...

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  14. Fabric Canvas Owl Collage

    Fabric Canvas Owl Collage

    I am in love with this little creation my daughter made with just fabric and glue! She loved doing it and I think we will...

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  15. Egg Carton Penguin

    Egg Carton Penguin

    There is something so cute about penguins. With the weather getting colder, we have started reading some winter penguin books that sparked this fun craft....

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