39 Cool birds DIY projects

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  1. What is a bird?

    What is a bird?

    There are three ways to tell an animal is a...

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  2. Bird Mask

    Bird Mask

    Definitely a quick and easy to make, handmade costume to add to your child's wardrobe! It involves very limited sewing that can easily be done...

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  3. Turkey Math

    Turkey Math

    Kids have a great time crafting turkey art while practicing counting and work on some simple addition problems.

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  4. Colorful Bird Card

    Colorful Bird Card

    Have lots of fun crafting up these colorful bird cards to mail to grandparents, friends, or other family members! Added bonus - this is a...

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  5. Audubon Birds

    Audubon Birds

    It can be Spring all year when creating this craft! For 3-5 year old kids they can focus on birds from the artwork of John...

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  6. Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Bouncy Egg Experiment

    Can you make a raw egg bounce? Turn a raw...

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  7. Cuckoo Clocks, Tick Tock!

    Cuckoo Clocks, Tick Tock!

    Toddlers ages 3-6 will love exploring the architecture or clocks in cuckoo style! It's a great way to have them learn about time, building, and...

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  8. Rockin' Robin

    Rockin' Robin

    This is a fun craft project that celebrates our feathered friends. Your child will have a blast making it and it will rock!

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  9. Handprint Bald Eagle for the 4th of July!

    Handprint Bald Eagle for the 4th of July!

    Gear up for our Fourth of July celebrations while teaching your kids about the symbols surrounding Independence Day! Your kids will have fun learning while...

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  10. Turkey Sculptures

    Turkey Sculptures

    Gobble Gobble! Your kids will have a blast creating 3-D turkeys! The are great for Thanksgiving but fun to make any time of the year!

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  11. Handprint Peacock

    Handprint Peacock

    Peacocks are such a beautiful bird. With the colors and all the feathers, it is no wonder my children love spotting them at the zoo....

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  12. Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Put those egg cartons you have kicking around to good use and create some of these cute little Easter critters!

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  13. Paint Chip Bird Art

    Paint Chip Bird Art

    My little one is getting better and better at his scissor skills. Paint chips are a great tool to practice with. They're easy to hold...

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  14. Heart-Shaped Popcorn Birdfeeder

    Heart-Shaped Popcorn Birdfeeder

    These pretty little hearts couldn't be more simple to make, and the fact that they will feed the birds will surely make young crafters happy!

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  15. My Own Bird Wings

    My Own Bird Wings

    This was so simple, but the amount of creative play that came from it was absolutely priceless. My kids played for hours in the most...

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