40 Cool black paper DIY projects

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  1. Map the Stars

    Map the Stars

    After finding a resource for constellations in your area (a book or website?), make a book out of these maps. ?hat an awesome way to...

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  2. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

    Tissue Paper Pumpkins

    This is a perfect activity to keep little hands busy for a good 45 minutes. They will really take their time precisely placing all the...

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  3. Homemade Sunflower

    Homemade Sunflower

    Make our own versions of a sunflower, a giant in the flower world. They are so beautiful with their amazing textures and volume! A...

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  4. Painted Fish

    Painted Fish

    If you want to brighten up your home, this is the perfect craft for you and your wee ones. What's more colorful that fish?!...

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  5. Gears!


    What better way to talk to your little ones about industry than machines and gears than while they are creating this visual and intellectually stimulating...

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  6. Solar Energy and Water

    Solar Energy and Water

    Using a piece of black construction paper and a piece of white paper, we'll set two bowls outside and see if one of them warms...

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  7. Pop Art Handprints!

    Pop Art Handprints!

    Your kiddos will love creating these bright and beautiful Pop Art pieces with their little hands and about their little hands!

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  8. Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Did you know that you can create a rainbow with clear nail polish? Try this quick experiment...

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  9. Bubble Prints

    Bubble Prints

    Test out a new watercolor technique by painting with bubbles! Mix watercolor and dish soap together to create a colorful bubble solution....

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  10. Melted Crayon Suncatchers

    Melted Crayon Suncatchers

    On those hot summer days where it feels like you can't find any relief from the heat,...

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  11. Fireworks!


    This is a fun, colorful, creative craft to really spark up your kids enthusiasm for the 4th of July! Have fun!

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  12. Graveyard Boogie

    Graveyard Boogie

    We love combining art and science for some creative fun. Add a little fun with Halloween science, and the result is magical....

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  13. Fireworks Drawing

    Fireworks Drawing

    Oil pastels on black paper are always a big hit. Add some glitter for some fun and very festive fireworks!

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  14. Duct Tape Sheet Solar System

    Duct Tape Sheet Solar System

    My daughter loves outer space and planets and can name each planet, so we decided to make a fun solar system out of duct tape...

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  15. Confetti Launcher

    Confetti Launcher

    There simply is no better way to ring in a new year or celebrate a holiday or a...

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