11 Cool blocks DIY projects

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  1. Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

    Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

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  2. Math Counters

    Math Counters

    I'm always on the look out for fun new ways to practice math. These fit the bill perfectly because they're so adaptable to more...

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  3. Stamped Scarf

    Stamped Scarf

    Keep warm with this cute hand stamped scarf. Design and customize your very own  geometric stamp to create a one of a...

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  4. Little Tree

    Little Tree

    Make and decorate a kid-sized Christmas tree! Wrap fluffy pipe cleaners around the wooden "trunk" to make branches, then trim the mini tree with the...

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  5. Jello Legos

    Jello Legos

    Make Lego inspired Jello as a special treat.

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  6. Wooden Block Rainbow Puzzle

    Wooden Block Rainbow Puzzle

    My son loves both blocks and puzzles, so I was excited to combine the two with one of my favorite activities, painting.

    We live in...

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  7. DIY Sponge Blocks and Fun Ways to Use Them

    DIY Sponge Blocks and Fun Ways to Use Them

    There are so many ways to play, create, and learn with these simple DIY sponge blocks!

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  8. Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Turn your empty food boxes into building blocks. Use your new building blocks for playing and learning!

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  9. Styrofoam Stamps

    Styrofoam Stamps

    We have all kinds of rubber stamps on our art shelves, but we also love making our own--creativity is always welcome in our home! Craft...

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  10. Jell-O Building Blocks

    Jell-O Building Blocks

    Can you really make edible building blocks? Yes! They're pretty, fun, and require no specialized skills (unless you count heating and pouring). They're a great...

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  11. Paper Airplane Launcher

    Paper Airplane Launcher

    Take your paper airplanes to new heights by making a...

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