12 Cool book DIY projects

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  1. Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated leaf cutouts. It's fun to collect fall leaves that are changing color. We are inspired by the beauty of nature in fall and want...

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  2. Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Shop

    Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Shop

    Construct a wonderfully social, imaginary play Ice Cream Shop with your child.

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  3. Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Puppet shows are a wonderful way to extend a child's communication skills. As children assume different voices and take on the different personas of the...

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  4. Valentine's Day Bunting

    Valentine's Day Bunting

    Create this simple Valentine's Day Bunting to add to your holiday decor. The kids will enjoy cutting, pasting and displaying their handiwork around the house.

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  5. St. Patrick's Day Banner

    St. Patrick's Day Banner

    Create this simple bunting to add a homemade touch to your St. Patrick's Day decor.

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  6. Map the Stars

    Map the Stars

    After finding a resource for constellations in your area (a book or website?), make a book out of these maps. ?hat an awesome way to...

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  7. Private Eye

    Private Eye

    This activity is part of an interdisciplinary curriculum called The Private Eye, which encourages students to closely analyze an object using a magnifying lens and...

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  8. I Spy Books

    I Spy Books

    My 5 year old is in love with I spy books. He loves playing the game in the car, checking out any hidden object book...

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  9. Dry-erase Travel Books

    Dry-erase Travel Books

    Traveling with kids often involves long car rides, which almost always leads to bored kids. Creating travel books with dry erase pages was a great...

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  10. Glue Ghost Necklace

    Glue Ghost Necklace

    My kids and I love Halloween crafts--not because we love scary, spooky things, but because it's fun to turn "scary" things into adorable creatures...like...

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  11. Literature Inspired Art

    Literature Inspired Art

    As Emilie Buchwald's saying goes, children are made readers on the laps of their parents. I want to instill in my children a love of...

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  12. Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Learning about the stars and constellations is fun. But you know what makes it more fun? Glow in the dark paint! My kids made these...

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