10 Cool bottle caps DIY projects

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  1. Recycled Robots

    Recycled Robots

    Before taking out your weekly recycling to the curb for trash day you might find exactly what you need for your next super fun...

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  2. Toppling Turtles

    Toppling Turtles

    We picked up Yertle the Turtle to read from the library today. What could be cuter than an interactive activity of...

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  3. Earth Day Necklace

    Earth Day Necklace

    What could be better than celebrating Earth Day with a simple recycled craft? We love crafts that become accessories...especially when they come out as cute...

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  4. Golf Race Game

    Golf Race Game

    Who's ready for a race? Race to the hole with this Golf Race Game. Practice counting and taking turns along the way!

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  5. Recycled Piggy Bank

    Recycled Piggy Bank

    This recycled piggy bank is the perfect place to save your money.

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  6. Snail Cap

    Snail Cap

    I think we have made over a dozen snail crafts just this year! But, they are just too hard to resist with those cute little...

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  7. Bottle Top Color Wheel

    Bottle Top Color Wheel

    If your child loves to paint or is learning his colors, then this Bottle Top Color Wheel is a fun (albeit bit messy) way to...

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  8. Bottle Cap Magnets

    Bottle Cap Magnets

    My son and I love to find fun ways to create gifts to give to the grandparents. These bottle cap magnets are just that....

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  9. Bottle Cap Creature Magnet

    Bottle Cap Creature Magnet

    Easy, recycled and adorable! I love these, and so do my kids! These cute bottle cap faces are made by just adding paint and eyes....

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  10. Finger Cymbals

    Finger Cymbals

    This crafty little musical project, made out of everyday recycled items, is sure to have your little ones dancing.

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