100+ Cool bowl DIY projects

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  1. Bead Bowl

    Bead Bowl

    This a one of those great Pinterest finds that makes you wonder why you didn't think of that sooner! We love perler beads to make...

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  2. Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs

    Splish splash let's add a little science to the bath. These homemade bath bombs are...

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  3. Pet Portraits

    Pet Portraits

    Using the great artist Rodrigue as an inspiration, allowed the kids to have fun with their works instead of worrying and stressing about making it...

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  4. Abstract Animals

    Abstract Animals

    You can talk with your kids about animal faces and show them books on are four legged friends. Then let your kids get started drawing...

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  5. Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Build a kitchen with your child to role-play as a chef!

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  6. Analog Animation

    Analog Animation

    Making a thaumatrope (literally "a turning marvel") is easy to set up, virtually mess-free, and uses just a few basic art supplies. This craft will...

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  7. Celebrate World Turtle Day with this Craft for Preschoolers

    Celebrate World Turtle Day with this Craft for Preschoolers

    Here's a fun little turtle craft to honor our little friends!

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  8. Puffy Snowflake Paintings

    Puffy Snowflake Paintings

    Your child will love how each one is completely unique Puffy Snowflake Paintings! The kiddos have SO much FUN making painting after painting, experimenting with...

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  9. Dino Egg

    Dino Egg

    Make your own dinosaur eggs to hatch!

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  10. Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    These pumpkin spice hand soaps are fun to make and great for Halloween or Thanksgiving! This was such a simple and fun project, and the...

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  11. Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Have fun decorating paper lanterns for with all sorts of creative processes and to suit your chosen color scheme, whether it be for Christmas, a...

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  12. Masking Tape + Watercolor

    Masking Tape + Watercolor

    Here's a simple technique that's sure to create a delightful result. Stick masking tape on paper in any pattern you like--we made the letter O....

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  13. Sensational Sombreros

    Sensational Sombreros

    Fiesta! This sensational sombrero is easy to make and get creative with.

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  14. Fluffy Slime

    Fluffy Slime

    Is your slime feeling mucky and dense? Could your slime use a little pep in its step? Try mixing...

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  15. Sunscreen Painting

    Sunscreen Painting

    Most light bulbs only create visible light. You can sit under a regular light bulb all day and never get a sunburn, because visible light...