11 Cool bowl of water DIY projects

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  1. Salt Art Fireworks

    Salt Art Fireworks

    My kids are fascinated by the sights and sounds of fireworks. This craft let them create their own fireworks using things from our own...

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  2. Abstract Animals

    Abstract Animals

    You can talk with your kids about animal faces and show them books on are four legged friends. Then let your kids get started drawing...

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  3. Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to go on a nature walk and then experiment with the items you collect!

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  4. Cotton Pussy Willows

    Cotton Pussy Willows

    Pussy Willows are one of the first signs of spring. Since we don't have a blooming tree nearby, we made some of our own!

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  5. Rainy Day Painting

    Rainy Day Painting

    Rainy days call for more involved projects and special materials. My kids look forward to these days so we can pull out supplies that...

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  6. String Painting

    String Painting

    This project is all about getting your hands dirty! Use a string to draw, or drag it between two sides or pieces of paper...make loop-de-loop...

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  7. Ice Skaters

    Ice Skaters

    Hooray for projects that are fun to make as well as fun to play with!

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  8. DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    No need to go to a pottery painting shop! It's easy and quick to make up a few figurines at home. My kids just love...

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  9. Surprise

    Surprise "Juice" Cups

    I’m not much of a prankster but I’m all for some fun and giggles with my kids. This April Fool’s I thought I’d...

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  10. Window Greenhouse

    Window Greenhouse

    How do plants grow? In this experiment, you will create a mini greenhouse to learn how plants depend on sunlight and water. Place seeds in...

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  11. Ice Lanterns

    Ice Lanterns

    We make these beautiful winter lanterns every year around the Solstice... they're so simple to make, and so fantastically beautiful to see flickering in winter's...

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