27 Cool bugs DIY projects

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  1. Roll a Ladybug Game

    Roll a Ladybug Game

    Roll and count to help the ladybug get back her spots.

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  2. Beehive Card

    Beehive Card

    Nothing says spring like bumble bees! We love bee crafts and adding a hive is the perfect way to say "Happy Spring!" to a friend!

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  3. Stick Bugs

    Stick Bugs

    Explore nature with this simple stick bug craft.

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  4. Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Oh, we love to blow paint! This time we were interested to see what sort of creatures we would come up with....

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  5. Paper Shape Dragonflies

    Paper Shape Dragonflies

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  6. Paper Plate Snail

    Paper Plate Snail

    This simple paper plate snail craft is the perfect way to let your child show his creativity.

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  7. Nature Butterfly Collage

    Nature Butterfly Collage

    Let nature inspire you to make this beautiful butterfly craft!

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  8. Monochromatic Butterfly

    Monochromatic Butterfly

    We love mixing paints for making colors...but this time we learned how many colors we can make with just one color and black!

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  9. Nature Findings Butterflies

    Nature Findings Butterflies

    My kids are always collecting things in the yard! This was a great activity for them to put all those findings to work. I love...

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  10. Tablecloth Clip Creatures

    Tablecloth Clip Creatures

    Make these little critters using paper, pompoms, and clothes pins--they'll be perfect for keeping your picnic cloth pinned to the table!

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  11. Creating a Simple Spider Web

    Creating a Simple Spider Web

    Create this simple and easy spider web in your home.

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  12. Egg Carton Bumblebee

    Egg Carton Bumblebee

    This sweet spring bumblebee is made with a recycled egg carton. My kids loved making these cute bees, flying them around the yard, and buzzing...

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  13. Counting Caterpillars

    Counting Caterpillars

    Practice counting while you make these fun pom pom caterpillars.

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  14. Nutty Creations

    Nutty Creations

    Create a nutty family or a nutty zoo of animals with this nutty craft!

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  15. Playdough Bugs

    Playdough Bugs

    Get creative and make your own playdough bugs!

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