13 Cool candle DIY projects

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  1. Diwali Lamps

    Diwali Lamps

    Some time between mid-October and mid-November each year, East Indians spend five days celebrating their most important holiday: Diwali. The popular festival has become known...

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  2. Earth Luminary

    Earth Luminary

    An earth luminary is the perfect centerpiece to decorate for Earth Day and a lot of fun for kids to make.

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  3. Candle in the Wind Experiment

    Candle in the Wind Experiment

    Can wind travel around an obstacle? Watch this video and find out!

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  4. Heart Luminaries

    Heart Luminaries

    Valentine's Day is such a sweet and fun holiday for crafting. We made this very precious heart votive jar as a way to decorate...

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  5. Edible Candle

    Edible Candle

    Today almost one-third of the energy we produce in the U.S. comes from oil, and we use it daily...

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  6. Natural Mosquito Repellent

    Natural Mosquito Repellent

    Nothing ruins a great picnic celebration like mosquito bites. This year, I'm going to make some natural mosquito repellent that also serves...

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  7. Candle Art Transfer

    Candle Art Transfer

    Every time your mom goes to light this candle, she'll think of you thanks to the do-it-yourself candle art. You can transform...

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  8. Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

    Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

    We made these sweet candles with coffee beans and glue to give to family and friends over the holidays, but we also used them to...

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  9. Spinning Spiral Snake

    Spinning Spiral Snake

    When air is heated, it expands as its molecules spread out away from each other. In other words, hot air...

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  10. Candlemaking for Hanukkah

    Candlemaking for Hanukkah

    Creating your own candles makes for a very special menorah. I didn't think this was possible, but our kids seemed to be...

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  11. Thermal Powered Flower

    Thermal Powered Flower

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  12. Dipped Candles

    Dipped Candles

    Learn the ancient art of candle making! 

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  13. Rotating Candle

    Rotating Candle

    Harness the power of physics to make a candle teeter-totter back and forth.

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