17 Cool candy DIY projects

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  1. Easter Chick Pretzels

    Easter Chick Pretzels

    Oh, Easter! A time for marshmallow bunnies, Cadbury eggs, chocolate eggs, and my newest favorite treat: candy-coated chicks! To make these easy (and not to mention...

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  2. North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    Sometimes my kids and I feel like having a nice, cold treat, even in the winter. Especially around our area, where we still see...

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  3. Valentine's Jar

    Valentine's Jar

    What's Valentine's Day without the candy? Make the perfect Valentine's Day craft for all the people you love!

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  4. Dessert Sushi

    Dessert Sushi

    Nothing smells better than that sweet buttery smell of  marshmallow melting with butter on the stove. And they're so much fun to make! Make this...

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  5. Hair Tie Lollypop

    Hair Tie Lollypop

    Create hair tie lollypops for party favors, present toppers, or make a bouquet of them for a table centerpiece.

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  6. Clay Sea Friends

    Clay Sea Friends

    Oven-bake clay is so versatile. This time, we used it with some candy molds to make sea creature charms.

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  7. Peppermint Bark

    Peppermint Bark

    Oh, look, it's another lovely handmade holiday gift! Perfect on plates of goodies for neighbors, or in a pretty tin for Grandma.

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  8. DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    No need to go to a pottery painting shop! It's easy and quick to make up a few figurines at home. My kids just love...

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  9. Monster Treats

    Monster Treats

    Mix up your snack routine with these monster treats! Little ones love how delicious they are and it's hard not to smile...

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  10. Red, White and Blue Star Crayons

    Red, White and Blue Star Crayons

    Making crayons is a great way to recycle all those broken crayons! It's a lot of fun to choose a new color mix and fun...

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  11. Mini Piñatas

    Mini Piñatas

    Your kids will love to make and break these adorable mini pinatas!

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  12. Peppermint Ice Cream in a Bag

    Peppermint Ice Cream in a Bag

    I could eat ice cream all year long - no matter the weather! Since there seems to be an abundance of peppermint...

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  13. Halloween Candy Art

    Halloween Candy Art

    With a little encouragement, my son turned some of his Halloween candy into art. When I first proposed he try using some of his candy for...

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  14. Fizzy Candy Balloon

    Fizzy Candy Balloon

    Harness the power of fizzy candy and soda to inflate a balloon without blowing! This experiment can be repeated many...

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  15. Halloween Candy Graphs

    Halloween Candy Graphs

    Well, if the kids are getting all that candy for Halloween, we might as well learn a little bit of math before we eat it,...

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