66 Cool card DIY projects

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  1. Grandparents Day Card

    Grandparents Day Card

    As Grandparents Day (the first Sunday after Labor Day) approaches, we wanted to share with you a simple but personalized gift idea that will be...

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  2. Pull Tab Card

    Pull Tab Card

    Learn how to make a pull-tab card for a special someone or occasion using sticky foam squares. If you...

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  3. Shaving Cream Shamrocks

    Shaving Cream Shamrocks

    I just love finding crafts that use fun materials in new ways. For these shamrocks, we tried out a new way of painting --...

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  4. Easy Make at Home Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

    Easy Make at Home Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

    Kids love to make Valentine's Day cards, and here is an idea that even your preschooler can enjoy!

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  5. Christmas Gift Place Holders

    Christmas Gift Place Holders

    Get your kids involved by making these cute, glittery, present-shaped place holders. They are so fun and easy to make! They can also be used...

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  6. Tissue Paper Collage

    Tissue Paper Collage

    Painting with food coloring is great for creating vivid colors. It's a perfect medium for toddlers as it is completely non toxic. Create lines,...

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  7. Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Each pretty tree is supported by a matchbox, which contains a little accordion book of pictures. It's a fun craft to send to family and...

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  8. Paper Spiders

    Paper Spiders

    Here's a fun (and super easy) Halloween craft from last year that the kids really enjoyed.

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  9. Hand Hearts

    Hand Hearts

    What says "I love you" more than a personal, hand-made Valentine? This is a great craft for your child to express what is in his/her...

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  10. Love Bug

    Love Bug

    Handing out Valentine's cards at school is a time-honored tradition. Class mates and teachers alike will feel especially loved with these kid-made love bugs.

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  11. Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Here's a fun craft project for Thanksgiving that the kids will love! They can make sweet little napkin rings from colored card stock and their...

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  12. Cardstock Stencil

    Cardstock Stencil

    My children love using stencils. They're a great tool for teaching them about shapes. We made a few new stencils with just a paper punch...

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  13. Silly Lunch Surprise

    Silly Lunch Surprise

    My daughter loves when I surprise her with little notes and drawings in her lunch. I decided to start using up some of the "way...

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  14. Finger Print Heart Stamp Cards

    Finger Print Heart Stamp Cards

    I love making our own Valentine cards with my children. There are so many options for hearts and they come out so darling. This one...

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  15. Starry Night Constellations

    Starry Night Constellations

    View constellations on your wall or ceiling any time of day or night!

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