37 Cool caring for earth DIY projects

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  1. Bird Nest Counting

    Bird Nest Counting

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to practice counting with this bird's nest-themed activity!

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  2. Egg Carton Bumblebee

    Egg Carton Bumblebee

    This sweet spring bumblebee is made with a recycled egg carton. My kids loved making these cute bees, flying them around the yard, and buzzing...

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  3. Tissue Paper Globe

    Tissue Paper Globe

    With just a few everyday supplies, your little ones can make this quick and fun craft to celebrate Earth Day.

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  4. Squirrel Slinky Feeder

    Squirrel Slinky Feeder

    My daughter is a fan of squirrels and decided they needed a little feeder just like the birds have in our yard. I thought it...

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  5. Clean Up for Earth Day

    Clean Up for Earth Day

    Get out and about on your part of the planet and do a little tidying up. Learn about how you are helping the earth's plants...

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  6. Coffee Filter Globes

    Coffee Filter Globes

    Earth Day is a great time to combine crafts and learning! My kids loved making these easy coffee filter globes and learning more about...

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  7. Plantable Paper

    Plantable Paper

    This has got to be one of my new favorite crafts, and my kids' too! Who knew you could make paper so easily... paper that...

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  8. Easy Stitch Cards

    Easy Stitch Cards

    These easy to make stitch cards are perfect for keeping little hands busy. They are the perfect way to beat the "I'm bored" blues!...

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  9. Earth Luminary

    Earth Luminary

    An earth luminary is the perfect centerpiece to decorate for Earth Day and a lot of fun for kids to make.

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  10. We Are Thankful for the Earth

    We Are Thankful for the Earth

    Take a walk and notice the things you are truly thankful for: trees, water, animals, sunshine. When you return home, make a poster about...

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  11. Wooden Spoon Garden Sticks

    Wooden Spoon Garden Sticks

    It is that time of year again, our garden is in full swing and the kids have started crafting ways to mark all of the...

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  12. Salt Container Bird Feeder

    Salt Container Bird Feeder

    We love making bird feeders in our house. They are fun to put together, but the real fun starts when you get to see the...

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  13. Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Music is a shared experience that invites families to come together. Kids love playing, making, and dancing tomusic—and now they can make their own instrument.

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  14. Mosaic Earth Lid

    Mosaic Earth Lid

    Colored rice is a lot of fun to work with and our earth came out so beautiful with the rice texture. This is a great...

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  15. Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Turn your empty food boxes into building blocks. Use your new building blocks for playing and learning!

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