17 Cool castles DIY projects

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  1. Oil Pastel Stained Glass Picture

    Oil Pastel Stained Glass Picture

    There is nothing prettier than stained glass! Try this richly colored art project with sure-to-please results!

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  2. Sharpie Stained Glass Pictures

    Sharpie Stained Glass Pictures

    My daughter loves coloring and I love displaying her projects! Try this easy and fun art project sure to have beautiful results!

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  3. Stained Glass Window Art

    Stained Glass Window Art

    I am such a fan of window art. It makes the whole family happy to have beautiful art to look at as the sun shines...

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  4. Sandpaper Sand Castle

    Sandpaper Sand Castle

    My kids discovered sand paper and were intrigued. We had to find a use for it and a sand castle was perfect!

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  5. Stained Glass Art

    Stained Glass Art

    Make your own beautiful stained glass art in just a few easy steps.

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  6. Creative Crowns

    Creative Crowns

    Create your own cool crown and be a princess or prince for the day!

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  7. Felt Play Mat

    Felt Play Mat

    What better way to let the kids get creative than to let them design their own towns? The sky is the limit to what they...

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  8. Stained Glass Paper Art

    Stained Glass Paper Art

    My kids love to create things, and hang them up for display. The wall is a fine place to hang things but when they wanted...

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  9. Felt Crown

    Felt Crown

    At our house, costumes aren't just for Halloween. My kids love thinking up fantastical adventures and, when we make costumes, we want them to last...

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  10. Freestyle Cardboard Painting Turned Castle (Saves the Day)

    Freestyle Cardboard Painting Turned Castle (Saves the Day)

    OK, I've got a crying, hungry baby in one arm and an antsy preschooler pulling on the other. As a quick fix, I grab a...

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  11. Cupid Arrows

    Cupid Arrows

    Need some Valentine crafts? Why not make Cupid's Bow & Arrow!

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  12. Stained Glass Mosaic Necklace

    Stained Glass Mosaic Necklace

    Kids will love this fun project! They'll watch in amazement as their artwork shrinks and turns into a beautiful necklace.

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  13. DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    Did you know that during Medieval times, knights used special designs and pictures on their shields -- called a coat of arms -- to identify...

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  14. Heart Crowns

    Heart Crowns

    I love holidays and all the fun crafts and treats that come with them. With Valentines Day coming up I thought we would make...

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  15. Story Wheel

    Story Wheel

    Storytime is one of the most special times I have with my kids. I love sitting with them and their wonderful imaginations and making stories...

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