17 Cool chalk DIY projects

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  1. Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Have you tried playing with cloud dough yet? It is totally awesome! It's so simple to make a cloud dough ice cream shop and it's...

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  2. Chalkboard Frame

    Chalkboard Frame

    My daughter and I may be a little obsessed with chalkboard paint! Since discovering it, we have turned our home into one big chalkboard! This...

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  3. Chalkboard Necklace

    Chalkboard Necklace

    I think chalk is one of our favorite art materials to use. So, making a chalkboard necklace was over-the-top exciting for my kids! Who wouldn't...

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  4. Roll and Draw Game

    Roll and Draw Game

    Here's a fun new way to practice pre-writing skills. This game was created to introduce my two-year-old to drawing lines in a fun way, but...

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  5. Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

    Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

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  6. DIY Chalkboard Planters

    DIY Chalkboard Planters

    My daughter and I usually plant a little potted herb garden together each summer. This year to make it extra fun we made some chalkboard...

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  7. Frog Pond Game

    Frog Pond Game

    Frogs or turtles--who will land on the lily pads and win?

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  8. Flour and Colored Chalk Experiment

    Flour and Colored Chalk Experiment

    I love including my children in cooking, but it's not always possible--especially when sharp knives and hot pots are involved. So I've been building an...

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  9. Sidewalk Constellations and Mini-Books

    Sidewalk Constellations and Mini-Books

    We had fun learning about constellations in our driveway, then making mini-books to reinforce learning.

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  10. Spring Garden Collage

    Spring Garden Collage

    I love these kind of projects for children--there is no "right way" or "wrong way", you can use anything you have on hand, and they...

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  11. Shadow Chalk Experiment

    Shadow Chalk Experiment

    Kids are always fascinated by their shadows and, as a parent, it's such a joy to see them interact with themselves. This shadow chalk experiment...

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  12. Map the Stars

    Map the Stars

    After finding a resource for constellations in your area (a book or website?), make a book out of these maps. ?hat an awesome way to...

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  13. Sponge Bullseye

    Sponge Bullseye

    This activity is a great way to beat the heat of Summer. With just a few cheap materials, my kids were entertained all morning...

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  14. Thanksgiving Pictionary

    Thanksgiving Pictionary

    Sometimes my kids get a little restless on Thanksgiving as the grownups are preoccupied with getting that...

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  15. Sidewalk Chalk Mental Math Game

    Sidewalk Chalk Mental Math Game

    You could practice adding 10's and 100's to numbers while you sit at your desk. But why do that when you can ride your scooter...

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