34 Cool chocolate DIY projects

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  1. Chocolate Dipping Spoons

    Chocolate Dipping Spoons

    These chocolate dipping spoons are yummy, easy for kids to make with a little help from a grown-up, and great to give as gifts. ...

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  2. Spider Web Snacks

    Spider Web Snacks

    Our kids love helping in the kitchen--so, when I saw this darling and delicious project from Mom Endeavors, I knew we just had...

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  3. Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

    Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

    This gorgeous dessert is both delicious and fun for kids to make. My kids just love to be able to use a butter knife...

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  4. Pretzel Dips

    Pretzel Dips

    Pretzels are always a favorite staple snack food for kids. These white-chocolate dipped pretzel rods are a favorite after-school snack treats to make with the...

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  5. Bread Roll Puppets

    Bread Roll Puppets

    Turn snack time into show time by making this delicious talking snack!

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  6. Pudding Pops

    Pudding Pops

    I remember loving pudding pops as a kid. This was super easy to make and made for two very happy kids!

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  7. Apple Sandwich

    Apple Sandwich

    Boring sandwiches be gone! Try this yummy and toddler approved twist on the regular sandwich!

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  8. Marshmallow Pops

    Marshmallow Pops

    For this Valentine’s Day, make your chocolate treats extra special with these DIY marshmallow pops. Family and friends are sure to appreciate...

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  9. Chocolate Chip Cookie + Toothpick = Fossil Dig!

    Chocolate Chip Cookie + Toothpick = Fossil Dig!

    Here's a fun, easy peasy, and delicious activity for all those aspiring paleontologists out there! Start with a chocolate chip cookie. Homemade or store-bought is...

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  10. Fire Pot S'mores

    Fire Pot S'mores

    Recreate the fun of summertime camping with mini fire pot s'mores! Nothing's more convenient than roasting marshmallows using a simple terra cotta...

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  11. Mini-Marshmallow Snowman

    Mini-Marshmallow Snowman

    Snowy treats can be fun to eat! It recently snowed where we live but it melted before we could go out and make a snowman....

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  12. Candy Hugger Cards

    Candy Hugger Cards

    Valentine's Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate! What better way to celebrate than with these easy cut-out cards...

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  13. Chocolate Bowl

    Chocolate Bowl

    Waking up to this chocolate bowl on Mother's Day morning would definitely put a smile on my face...and making the bowl put an even bigger...

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  14. Grape Caterpillar Friends

    Grape Caterpillar Friends

    Grapes are cute and sweet all on their own, but for a very special Mother's Day brunch, they can get even cuter....

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  15. Peppermint Bark

    Peppermint Bark

    Oh, look, it's another lovely handmade holiday gift! Perfect on plates of goodies for neighbors, or in a pretty tin for Grandma.

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