29 Cool clothespins DIY projects

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  1. Clothespin Menorah

    Clothespin Menorah

    Create a kid-friendly menorah for your Hanukkah celebration!

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  2. Butterfly Hand Puppet

    Butterfly Hand Puppet

    Puppets are fabulous for playful learning and this simple Butterfly puppet is made using just four easy to find items.

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  3. Threading Mobiles

    Threading Mobiles

    Threading is wonderful for fine motor development and a fun way to make sparkly mobiles indoors or outside!

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  4. Clothespin Sculpture

    Clothespin Sculpture

    This coloring and balancing project was inspired by Nancy Rubins'' monumental boat sculptures. They are surprising and thrilling to look at and your child...

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  5. Sea Creature Banner

    Sea Creature Banner

    To celebrate summer and sunshine, create a sea creatures banner to hang up and enjoy! You can get a little joy...

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  6. Pretty Patterned Hearts

    Pretty Patterned Hearts

    Create this handpainted heart garland just in time for Valentine's Day, using a simple list of supplies and a whole lot of creativity!

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  7. Clothespin Puppets

    Clothespin Puppets

    My daughter made some pretty cool clothespin puppets at camp recently and I just had to give it a try at home with her.

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  8. Homemade Chip Clips

    Homemade Chip Clips

    These are the perfect homemade gift for Mother's Day. You can personalize each one and they serve the purpose very well!

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  9. Creating a Dreidel Garland

    Creating a Dreidel Garland

    Create a beautiful dreidel garland to decorate your home for Hanukkah this year.

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  10. Ballerina Bunny

    Ballerina Bunny

    Most things in our house are turned into ballerinas. So when my daughter wanted a tutu on her clothespin bunny I was in no way...

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  11. Butterfly Snack

    Butterfly Snack

    I am always trying to find ways to make my children's lunches fun and healthy. Making these cute butterfly snack packs together really got my...

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  12. Colorful Butterflies

    Colorful Butterflies

    Transform an everyday household object—a coffee filter!—into a colorful butterfly.

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  13. Tablecloth Clip Creatures

    Tablecloth Clip Creatures

    Make these little critters using paper, pompoms, and clothes pins--they'll be perfect for keeping your picnic cloth pinned to the table!

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  14. Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Practice counting with this Valentine's-themed clothespin counting card.

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  15. Clothespin Grasshopper

    Clothespin Grasshopper

    Make a grasshopper with this simple clothes pin craft.

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