25 Cool color DIY projects

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  1. Something

    Something "Magical"...

    This is a great activity to do with crayons of course but using white candles makes it even more magical. Invisible pictures! The best part...

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  2. Masking Tape Tic Tac Toe

    Masking Tape Tic Tac Toe

    We love playing classic games at our house. Try this one. It's great for a rainy day!

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  3. Low-Mess Color Collage

    Low-Mess Color Collage

    This color collage art project is a wonderful low-mess alternative to traditional painting, with very little clean-up. Create away!

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  4. Homemade Tapatan

    Homemade Tapatan

    We love playing endless games of tic-tac-toe so I decided to mix it up a bit and try making and playing the game of Tapatan!

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  5. Chia Pet

    Chia Pet

    Read a book about seeds turning into flowers and talked about all the pretty colors in nature with you child. What a neat and easy...

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  6. Russian Architecture!

    Russian Architecture!

    Russia has such incredible architecture that it's easy to be inspired by (particularly the onion domes). Your children can focus on the shapes, as the...

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  7. Heart Tea Tags

    Heart Tea Tags

    These heart tea tags were a fun after school project for your child, and they make quick, easy, (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day gifts!

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  8. Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

    Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

    Magnets are a fun and popular way to not only dress those lockers up, they are also very handy for keeping things organized!

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  9. Simple Origami Jumping Frogs For Passover

    Simple Origami Jumping Frogs For Passover

    Origami frogs, namely simple origami jumping frogs, that you and the kids can make in just a few minutes each, are the perfect craft for...

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  10. Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Sweeten a mathematics lesson about fractions with candy while creating some visual stimulation. This craft will also tune fine motor skills and is artistic to...

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  11. Time for Tinting

    Time for Tinting

    Playing with color paint is a great tool for children to learn the basics in color theory When you begin, you don't even have to...

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  12. Rainbow Coloring

    Rainbow Coloring

    There are these really neat crayons that my kids have been asking for. They have layers of each color so you can draw a rainbow...

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  13. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

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  14. Pom Pom Mosaics

    Pom Pom Mosaics

    My daughter calls this creation a "mud rug." With just glue, pom-poms and a recycled lid our mud rugs came together. My children really got...

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  15. Paint Chip Bird Art

    Paint Chip Bird Art

    My little one is getting better and better at his scissor skills. Paint chips are a great tool to practice with. They're easy to hold...

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