100 Cool cup DIY projects

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  1. Fizzing Colors!

    Fizzing Colors!

    Turn your kitchen into...

    Science Projects for Kids

  2. Glow in the Dark Gelatin

    Glow in the Dark Gelatin

    What is more exciting than a glowing science experiment that is also delicious to eat? With only two main ingredients, your kids...

    Science Projects for Kids

  3. Erupting Apples

    Erupting Apples

    When you have three little curious boys running around your house and a free afternoon, why not get a...

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Crystal Garden

    Crystal Garden

    Growing crystals is such a magical experience but the long wait can be hard for younger kids. Fortunately, we've got a crystal garden that will...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Pythagoras Cup

    Pythagoras Cup

    Make your own Pythagoras cup and trick your friends with...

    Science Projects for Kids

  6. Splitting Water

    Splitting Water

    Did you know that water is actually a chemical? That’s why we call it H2O--water is made up of the chemical...

    Science Projects for Kids

  7. Clothespin Sculpture

    Clothespin Sculpture

    This coloring and balancing project was inspired by Nancy Rubins'' monumental boat sculptures. They are surprising and thrilling to look at and your child...

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  8. Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    This is a fun and easy paper mache project that you can do with your kid/s! Have fun!

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  9. Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye never goes out of style. Enjoy having fun making these colorful shirts with your kids!

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  10. String Telephone

    String Telephone

    I'm not sure why, but I think "childhood magic" when I think of these. "D'you wanna make a string telephone, Maddie? " "Yeah!" Then a pause,...

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  11. Analog Animation

    Analog Animation

    Making a thaumatrope (literally "a turning marvel") is easy to set up, virtually mess-free, and uses just a few basic art supplies. This craft will...

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  12. Motorized ArtBot Robot

    Motorized ArtBot Robot

    Create your own ArtBot, a moving robot that buzzes, spins, and twirls to create cool, colorful patterns.

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  13. Electrostatic Toothpick

    Electrostatic Toothpick

    How strong is static electricity? Can it move through a cup? Can we actually see it working? We were going to find...

    Science Projects for Kids

  14. Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Have you tried playing with cloud dough yet? It is totally awesome! It's so simple to make a cloud dough ice cream shop and it's...

    Arts & Crafts Ideas

  15. Sponge Flowers

    Sponge Flowers

    Inspired by Yves Klein was a famous modern artist that will give your child a heighten sense of art appreciation by creating flowers out of...

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