10 Cool cutting DIY projects

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  1.  Back to School Pencil Holders

    Back to School Pencil Holders

    As kids head back to school their creativity will come alive, and bright colors are a fabulous stimulant. This craft is so easy to do...

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  2. Pick-Up Sticks

    Pick-Up Sticks

    This is a classic game that only requires a tool to cut a few straight sticks. Something fun for a venture into the...

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  3. Star-Spangled Fruit Pops

    Star-Spangled Fruit Pops

    Not ready for summer to end? Brighten up your day with some refreshing, star-spangled fruit pops! It was an easy and quick...

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  4. Valentine Snack Platter

    Valentine Snack Platter

    This fruit and cheese platter is a yummy and healthy way to celebrate Valentine's without all the sugar! While I had l...

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  5. Heart-Shaped Clay Bowls

    Heart-Shaped Clay Bowls

    This project makes a darling seasonal gift--perfect for holding candies on Grandma's table, or found treasures such as pinecones or walnuts.

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  6. Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

    Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

    Cutting snowflakes is a yearly tradition in our home. Preschooler's just learning to cut (well) love it! Providing them with different materials to cut makes...

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  7. Rainbow Kabobs

    Rainbow Kabobs

    I'm always looking for fun new ways to serve my kids their fruits and vegetables. These cute Rainbow Kabobs were the perfect summer treat...

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  8. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

    Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

    Create your own fossils out of salt dough! 

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  9. Fire-breathing Dragon Bellows

    Fire-breathing Dragon Bellows

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with this fire-breathing dragon and learn about chambers that can produce strong currents of air...

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  10. Halloween Crystals

    Halloween Crystals

    Ready to try some spooky science, we made some little Halloween crystals to decorate our home! The project takes some time but it...

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