29 Cool decor DIY projects

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  1. Button Thumbtacks

    Button Thumbtacks

    Brighten up any memo board with these colorful, cheerful thumbtacks!

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  2. Custom Light Switch Cover

    Custom Light Switch Cover

    Your kids can create a custom light switch cover that will be the perfect room decoration!

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  3. Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    I love decorating Easter eggs, but there are only so many hard-boiled eggs one family needs, and and blown eggs are far too fragile for...

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  4. Yarn Door Tassel

    Yarn Door Tassel

    Any craft that can be used as home decor is a bonus in my book. I love displaying things my kids make! These door tassels...

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  5. Play dough Tree

    Play dough Tree

    Get creative with sticks and play dough and make a play dough tree!

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  6. Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

    Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

    Did you know that the tools to create a masterpiece are only as far away as your recycling bin? Grab an empty water bottle and...

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  7. No Sew Mosaic Table Runner

    No Sew Mosaic Table Runner

    Your kids can create and celebrate with this festive table runner in under an hour!

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  8. Bunny Garland

    Bunny Garland

    Every birthday party needs a festive garland, so when my daughter asked for a bunny party for her birthday, I designed this garland of colorful...

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  9. Flower Monogram Signs

    Flower Monogram Signs

    I set up this craft to make a beautiful "E" for my daughter's room, but she had an even better idea--to make a 6 for...

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  10. Valentine's Day Bunting

    Valentine's Day Bunting

    Create this simple Valentine's Day Bunting to add to your holiday decor. The kids will enjoy cutting, pasting and displaying their handiwork around the house.

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  11. Glove Gobbler Treats

    Glove Gobbler Treats

    The holidays are upon us, and it can be inundated with lots of sugary treats for the kids. Here's a great alternative that...

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  12. Beaded Napkin Rings

    Beaded Napkin Rings

    On a hunt for napkin rings for our Thanksgiving dinner, my five-year-old and I decided we would make our own. Using pipe cleaner and wooden...

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  13. Button Light Switch Plate

    Button Light Switch Plate

    Pretty up a plain ol' light switch... all it takes is a few things you probably already have around the house!

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  14. Thanksgiving Tree

    Thanksgiving Tree

    I will be the first to admit: There are lots of things to be thankful for, yet I rarely acknowledge them. I always seem to...

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