29 Cool dolls DIY projects

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  1. Polly Pool Party

    Polly Pool Party

    Put together another water bin for your kids! It's Polly pool party time!

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  2. Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Making valentines for classmates is such a sweet idea. Your child can show their love through personalized these wonderful gifts.

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  3. Washi Tape Dolls

    Washi Tape Dolls

    How cute are these little washi tape dolls? I gave my niece a set of washi tape, wooden dolls, and some markers--and she went to...

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  4. Creating Softies from Patterns

    Creating Softies from Patterns

    This craft is great for developing motor skills and so fun to create with your child. Sew softies!

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  5. DIY Doll Lunch Box

    DIY Doll Lunch Box

    Is your doll ready for back-to-school? Does she get hungry at lunch time? Do the other dolls make fun of her lunch box because it's...

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  6. Dress Me Up!

    Dress Me Up!

    This craft is so fun and easy to make with toddlers. They get to create their own doll art while using their fine motor skills...

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  7. Sundress and Swimsuit for Dolls

    Sundress and Swimsuit for Dolls

    We used outgrown little socks for this darling project. They make perfect swimsuits and dresses for dolls!

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  8. Clothespin Babies

    Clothespin Babies

    These sweet little clothespin dolls created even sweeter play as my kids nurtured and cared for their new toys. My two-year-old even tried to share...

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  9. Circle Skirts

    Circle Skirts

    These darling skirts are simple and sweet...perfect for a dress-up party!

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  10. Bead Ballerina

    Bead Ballerina

    Using wire for these pretty dancers will make a poseable ballerina -- use elastic bead string to make bouncy ones!

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  11. Tennis Ball Puppet

    Tennis Ball Puppet

    Anything that we can make talk in this house is a huge hit! My kids love to make silly voices, pretend, laugh, and make up...

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  12. Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    We like to get fancy around here and my daughter asked if we could make crowns for her dolls. They were scheduled to attend a...

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  13. Fashion Mannequins

    Fashion Mannequins

    Love fashion? Make your own designs out of paper and fabric scraps! You can embellish with sequins, buttons, feathers.... What is your style?

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  14. Paper Roll Elf

    Paper Roll Elf

    We had so much fun making this darling little elf. We have since made an entire elf family. What a fun way to start the...

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  15. Jeweled Ladies

    Jeweled Ladies

    Was there ever a little girl who didn't like playing with her mama's earrings? Surely not my little girl! Here's a pretty project...

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