13 Cool dots DIY projects

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  1. Christmas Gift Place Holders

    Christmas Gift Place Holders

    Get your kids involved by making these cute, glittery, present-shaped place holders. They are so fun and easy to make! They can also be used...

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  2. Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami and geometric shapes are all the rage, so origami pyramids for your Passover table seem oh so perfect to create with your little ones!...

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  3. Glitter Foam Monsters

    Glitter Foam Monsters

    If your in the Halloween spirit, going to a Halloween party, or just want to make fun, cute, not-so-spooky crafts with your child - this...

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  4.  Back to School Pencil Holders

    Back to School Pencil Holders

    As kids head back to school their creativity will come alive, and bright colors are a fabulous stimulant. This craft is so easy to do...

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  5. Sticker Dots Resist Watercolor Painting

    Sticker Dots Resist Watercolor Painting

    We love the look of watercolors at our house so we tried an art project to make those colors "pop" even more!

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  6. You Rock, Valentine!

    You Rock, Valentine!

    Homemade Valentines are the best! This one is a little silly and super cute! My children love to paint and color rocks--perfect!

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  7. Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    I love decorating Easter eggs, but there are only so many hard-boiled eggs one family needs, and and blown eggs are far too fragile for...

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  8. Bunny Garland

    Bunny Garland

    Every birthday party needs a festive garland, so when my daughter asked for a bunny party for her birthday, I designed this garland of colorful...

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  9. Snail Cap

    Snail Cap

    I think we have made over a dozen snail crafts just this year! But, they are just too hard to resist with those cute little...

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  10. Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    My kids can be picky eaters, so lunch usually looks the same every day: the good ol' PB&J. So to make lunchtime a bit more...

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  11. Felt Superhero Cuffs

    Felt Superhero Cuffs

    This cuff was our booth activity for the 2010 Maker Faire. It was two days of non-stop cuff-making madness, and it was so much fun....

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  12. Balloon Pet

    Balloon Pet

    Every time I walk into a market these days, my children gravitate towards those those walking Mylar balloon animals. As cute as...

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  13. Coffee Can Drums

    Coffee Can Drums

    With just a few everyday materials, turn your recycled coffee cans into music!

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