34 Cool duct tape DIY projects

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  1. Duct Tape City Bus Playset

    Duct Tape City Bus Playset

    We loved this project because of how open-ended it is. Buses are just one option -- kids can make trains, bucket trucks, or even bicycles....

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  2. Duct Tape Drums

    Duct Tape Drums

    My daughter loves to play the drums! Both of her uncles are drummers so we decided to make our own homemade drum kit!

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  3. Duct Tape Sheet Solar System

    Duct Tape Sheet Solar System

    My daughter loves outer space and planets and can name each planet, so we decided to make a fun solar system out of duct tape...

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  4. Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

    Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

    My children love to make shakers. We have made them with all kinds of materials and for all kinds of themes. As we begin to...

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  5. Spring Necklace

    Spring Necklace

    This fun, spring-colored necklace is easy to make, using plastic cording, beads, and -- get this -- duct tape!

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  6. No Sew Pencil Case

    No Sew Pencil Case

    Cuteness Alert: This may be the cutest little pencil case ever, and there's no sewing involved!

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  7. DIY Doll Lunch Box

    DIY Doll Lunch Box

    Is your doll ready for back-to-school? Does she get hungry at lunch time? Do the other dolls make fun of her lunch box because it's...

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  8. Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    This is a wonderful craft to teach your kids about traditions and celebrations for Chinese New Years. They will have fun creating these puppets while...

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  9. MIlk Jug Watering Can

    MIlk Jug Watering Can

    My children love to water with me. This was a fun craft to make together and get outside and water together, too!

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  10. Duct Tape Bracelets

    Duct Tape Bracelets

    These pretty and sparkly bracelets are so easy to make and so fun to wear. This is a great craft to do with just one...

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  11. Duct Tape Magnets

    Duct Tape Magnets

    Duct tape has tons of uses! It's a lot of fun to craft with. Ever since my kids saw that it comes in fun colors...

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  12. Five-Minute Apron

    Five-Minute Apron

    We use aprons for cooking, art, and most importantly pretend play. My five-year-old has been asking for a "restaurant apron" for awhile now and unfortunately...

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  13. Sprinkling Bottle

    Sprinkling Bottle

    Madeleine gets so excited when it's seed planting time...but it's so hard for the little ones to hold up those great big watering cans! ...

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  14. Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

    Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

    Yet another way to use duct tape -- to decorate your Easter eggs! This is a fun and easy project for you and your...

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  15. DIY Water Sprinkler

    DIY Water Sprinkler

    This DIY Sprinkler is the perfect way to stay wet and have fun on a hot day!

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