20 Cool dye DIY projects

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  1. Homemade Mulberry Playdough

    Homemade Mulberry Playdough

    Make your own berry Playdough!

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  2. Tie Dye Cloth Napkins

    Tie Dye Cloth Napkins

    Using cloth napkins is not only good for the earth, but also teaches children about wasting less and going green! Why not do it in...

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  3. Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

    Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

    Some of my kids' favorite art supplies are Sharpie markers. I can totally understand--the colors are so vibrant and fun. Of course, they...

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  4. Cranberry Tie-Dye Napkins

    Cranberry Tie-Dye Napkins

    Fabric dye is not something I want my kids elbow deep in, but I love the result of tie dye. Creating safe dyes with food...

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  5. Water Balloon Painting

    Water Balloon Painting

    Something about the “SPLAT” is so satisfying! A perfect craft art project on a warm day!

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  6. Polly Pool Party

    Polly Pool Party

    Put together another water bin for your kids! It's Polly pool party time!

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  7. dip-idy doo dah

    dip-idy doo dah

    Your little ones will have a blast dipping away with this fun, colorful craft!

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  8. Painting with Shaving Cream

    Painting with Shaving Cream

    If you only have one or two little ones, the shaving cream paint is a fabulous bath-time activity. This activity is SUPER easy to prepare!

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  9. Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye never goes out of style. Enjoy having fun making these colorful shirts with your kids!

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  10. Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Play with your food by making these fun, easy to make, pasta monsters! They provide hours of entertainment for your kids while they express their...

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  11. Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    These pumpkin spice hand soaps are fun to make and great for Halloween or Thanksgiving! This was such a simple and fun project, and the...

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  12. Something

    Something "Magical"...

    This is a great activity to do with crayons of course but using white candles makes it even more magical. Invisible pictures! The best part...

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  13. Work of Art clothing

    Work of Art clothing

    Why not let the kids wear their beautiful paintings by painting right onto white clothing? I loved seeing my daughter paint away on an old...

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  14. Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie dyeing is a fun way to give new life to a faded old t-shirt, a dingy bag, or mismatched socks, while exploring different color...

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  15. DIY Airbrush T-shirt

    DIY Airbrush T-shirt

    We have been wanting to try our own airbrush art. What better canvas to use then a t-shirt my daughter can proudly wear!

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