20 Cool earth science projects

Explore the science behind our beautiful planet, from the solar system to nature that you can find in your own backyard, these earth science projects are sure to stimulate your child's interest in geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy, not to mention conservation!

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  1. Earth Exploration

    Earth Exploration

    While learning about space, my son and I found ourselves gravitating toward planet Earth. In my son's favorite Earth-related book, "The Magic School Bus Inside...

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  2. Leaf Color Experiment

    Leaf Color Experiment

    With fall around the corner, we've been seeing the leaves in our neighborhood slowly start to change. My kids have had so...

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  3. Ice Cube vs. Wire

    Ice Cube vs. Wire

    Can you cut through an ice cube with a piece of wire and a couple of weights? Find out...

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  4. Eggheads


    These little eggheads are an adorable project! Just plant the grass seeds and watch the hair grow. You can even use these...

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  5. Grass Seed + Sponge

    Grass Seed + Sponge

    This simple way of growing a garden with your kids is perfect homes with limited outdoor space. All you need is a handful of grass...

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  6. Bird Nest Counting

    Bird Nest Counting

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to practice counting with this bird's nest-themed activity!

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  7. Sprout Sculpture

    Sprout Sculpture

    With spring around the corner, here in California we are beginning to see a lot of plants blooming and sprouting. Making this spout...

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  8. Snow + Hot Water = Melting Experiments

    Snow + Hot Water = Melting Experiments

    Should you find yourself surrounded by snow, try making sculptures by dripping water onto snow. We filled water bottles with water. I was thinking the...

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  9. Coffee Filter Globes

    Coffee Filter Globes

    Earth Day is a great time to combine crafts and learning! My kids loved making these easy coffee filter globes and learning more about...

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  10. Leaky Water Bottle

    Leaky Water Bottle

    This project utilizes the fundamentals of air pressure to create a tricky water bottle that only leaks when uncapped. Follow...

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  11. Tissue Paper Globe

    Tissue Paper Globe

    With just a few everyday supplies, your little ones can make this quick and fun craft to celebrate Earth Day.

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  12. Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the Moon

    Learn about why the moon appears to change shape as it rotates around the Earth.

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  13. Plantable Paper

    Plantable Paper

    This has got to be one of my new favorite crafts, and my kids' too! Who knew you could make paper so easily... paper that...

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  14. Mason Jar Terrarium

    Mason Jar Terrarium

    I love anything that gets my children outside and enjoying every bit of beautiful nature they can soak up. While making terrariums in our yard...

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  15. Pom Pom Planets

    Pom Pom Planets

    Explore the solar system as you make pom pom planets.

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