9 Cool fabric markers DIY projects

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  1. Kids Sewing Kit

    Kids Sewing Kit

    Do you have a young person who would enjoy a sewing kit? It's a fantastic project that will give your child endless craft possibilities!

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  2. Coloring Book T-Shirt

    Coloring Book T-Shirt

    My kids' eyes lit up when I suggested a coloring book t-shirt--the thought of coloring on things that they're not normally allowed to color on...

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  3. Tank Top Tote Bag

    Tank Top Tote Bag

    Once a year, my friends get together to bring new life to old duds. We scour our closets for the clothes and accessories that haven't...

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  4. School Lunch Napkin Notes

    School Lunch Napkin Notes

    I thought I would make these on my own to send fun messages in my kids lunches, but they got involved and it become a...

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  5. Elf Legs Apron

    Elf Legs Apron

    I have some love for holiday aprons. I own an apron for most celebrations, so it's not a surprise when my daughter wanted to get...

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  6. Sock Puppets

    Sock Puppets

    Sometimes you need a simple project that will keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. For those days, there is nothing better than the...

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  7. Fabric Parachutes

    Fabric Parachutes

    The Fabric Parachutes made great homemade toys that kept my kids busy all day long! They had a great time practicing their sewing skills...

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  8. Puppet Making Kit

    Puppet Making Kit

    This puppet making kit is great...

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  9. Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

    Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

    Some of my kids' favorite art supplies are Sharpie markers. I can totally understand--the colors are so vibrant and fun. Of course, they...

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