18 Cool fairies DIY projects

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  1. Fairy Gardens

    Fairy Gardens

    Every child loves fairies! So why not make a garden for them to come and visit? This craft is so fun and entertaining for kids...

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  2. Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Making valentines for classmates is such a sweet idea. Your child can show their love through personalized these wonderful gifts.

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  3. Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher

    Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher

    Make a fairy suncatcher for your window and with the simplest “stained glass” suncatcher technique. Your kiddos will have so much fun creating these colorful,...

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  4. Fairy Wands

    Fairy Wands

    Wands are pretty popular in our house. On this day we made the fairy kind, using chopsticks!

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  5. Wooden Knob Toadstool

    Wooden Knob Toadstool

    We have become obsessed with making fairy gardens. One of the cool tricks we have learned is to turn a wooden knob into a toadstool....

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  6. Lavender Wand

    Lavender Wand

    These lavender wands are a favorite summer craft in our house. They are so fun for imaginative play, but the wonderful smell of lavender makes...

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  7. Fairy Umbrella

    Fairy Umbrella

    My daughter is a fairy-loving little girl. We have everything you could imagine in a miniature version, but recently she told me that she was...

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  8. Elf Legs Apron

    Elf Legs Apron

    I have some love for holiday aprons. I own an apron for most celebrations, so it's not a surprise when my daughter wanted to get...

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  9. Fairy House

    Fairy House

    Anything tiny in our home becomes a fairy accessory. So, I was not surprised when my daughter was thrilled to see the little wooden "fairy...

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  10. My Own Bird Wings

    My Own Bird Wings

    This was so simple, but the amount of creative play that came from it was absolutely priceless. My kids played for hours in the most...

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  11. Magical Dandelions

    Magical Dandelions

    Magical dandelions made my children's day. What a sweet way to spend an afternoon. Eventually they were making and planting their own flowers full of...

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  12. Fairy Dust Necklace

    Fairy Dust Necklace

    By adding glitter to a teeny-tiny glass bottle, my daughter imagined she had wings that could fly her to all sorts of magical places. I...

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  13. Doll Fairy Crown

    Doll Fairy Crown

    These lovely crowns are made from pipe cleaners, bits of tissue paper and pretty ribbons. They're so easy to make for a very special...

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  14. Shoe Box Fairy House

    Shoe Box Fairy House

    Make a super easy fairy house and magical garden for hours of pretend play fun.

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  15. Clothespin Pom Pom Fairy

    Clothespin Pom Pom Fairy

    My daughter loves fairies. So we tried our hand at making one out of old-fashioned clothes pins and a pom pom!

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