37 Cool fall autumn DIY projects

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  1. Glycerin Leaves

    Glycerin Leaves

    I'm not certain what it is about Autumn that enchants us so... I think it has something to do with its essence of simplicity--going for...

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  2. Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. My kids are always pointing out all the pretty leaves around them. We decided to...

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  3. Marbled Fall Leaves

    Marbled Fall Leaves

    This fun activity features a technique using shaving cream and food coloring to create a marbled effect on some pretty paper leaves for fall. ...

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  4. Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce

    Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce

    We love fall because it's the perfect time to take advantage of delicious, organic apples. My little chefs couldn't wait to try out this...

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  5. Homemade Fruit Leather and Apple Chips

    Homemade Fruit Leather and Apple Chips

    My kids adore finding fruits in our garden...but the discoveries are even sweeter when we find enough to make our favorite snacks!

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  6. Apple Cider Pancakes

    Apple Cider Pancakes

    We recently went to visit an apple orchard and came home with oodles of apples. What do you do when you have that many apples?...

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  7. Decorating Paper Pumpkins

    Decorating Paper Pumpkins

    I love this pumpkin shape craft because it is fun for all ages. My two-year-old gets a chance to work on shapes and sorting while...

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  8. DIY

    DIY "Glitter": Fall Leaves Collage

    Fall is a great time to incorporate nature into your craft projects. My kids love hunting for materials outside in the leaves and acorns...

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  9. Styrofoam Stamps

    Styrofoam Stamps

    We have all kinds of rubber stamps on our art shelves, but we also love making our own--creativity is always welcome in our home! Craft...

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  10. Pumpkin Seed Mosaic

    Pumpkin Seed Mosaic

    Seems like as soon as October hits, I become a professional pumpkin seed-roasting extraordinaire! I love it, but I think we all get a little...

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  11. Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    In anticipation of Thanksgiving, my kids created these simple-to-make placemats for all of our guests. First, we took a bag and head outside for a nature...

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  12. Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

    Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

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  13. Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Finger painting is VERY popular in this house! And since we love getting crafty, this one-of-a-kind wreath seemed like a fun way to create a...

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  14. Autumn Leaf Art

    Autumn Leaf Art

    As winter approaches and the leaves fall to the ground and surround us everywhere, my son and I are inspired to gather a new material to create...

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  15. Apples & Paint

    Apples & Paint

    In honor of the harvest season and Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year where you dip apples in honey to celebrate) I decided to try...

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