9 Cool fall autumn leaves DIY projects

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    DIY "Glitter": Fall Leaves Collage

    Fall is a great time to incorporate nature into your craft projects. My kids love hunting for materials outside in the leaves and acorns...

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  2. Glycerin Leaves

    Glycerin Leaves

    I'm not certain what it is about Autumn that enchants us so... I think it has something to do with its essence of simplicity--going for...

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  3. Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. My kids are always pointing out all the pretty leaves around them. We decided to...

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  4. Autumn Leaf Necklace

    Autumn Leaf Necklace

    This exciting activity will have your youngster wearing fall fashionably. This necklace is very durable--a rousing session of hula hooping broke out immediately after!...

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  5. Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemats

    In anticipation of Thanksgiving, my kids created these simple-to-make placemats for all of our guests. First, we took a bag and head outside for a nature...

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  6. Autumn Leaf Art

    Autumn Leaf Art

    As winter approaches and the leaves fall to the ground and surround us everywhere, my son and I are inspired to gather a new material to create...

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  7. Magnetic Tissue Paper Leaves

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Leaves

    This colorful project will have you embracing fall head on! With a couple of simple materials, these fall leaf magnets can adorn your refrigerator...

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  8. Felt Leaf Garland

    Felt Leaf Garland

    I love everything about Fall: the light, the smells, the leaves. But the color show we get with the turning leaves out here in California...

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  9. Fall Sensory Jar

    Fall Sensory Jar

    Your toddler will have lots of fun making this fun fall-inspired project. This activity works with fine motor skills as your child works on grasping the...

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