12 Cool fall craft

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  1. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Why not throw together some toilet paper pumpkins with your child? They are super cute and ridiculously easy to make plus they require absolutely...

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  2. Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Here's a fun craft project for Thanksgiving that the kids will love! They can make sweet little napkin rings from colored card stock and their...

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  3. Felt Leaf Garland

    Felt Leaf Garland

    I love everything about Fall: the light, the smells, the leaves. But the color show we get with the turning leaves out here in California...

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  4. Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

    Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

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  5. Autumn Placemats

    Autumn Placemats

    Enjoy your pretty place mats and enjoy having the pretty autumn colors decorating your table. Your children will love making this simple, fall-friendly craft!

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  6. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    When fall arrives, get the kids together and head outside to collect some of those colorful falling leaves to make these finger fun puppets!

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  7. Thanksgiving Luminary Vase

    Thanksgiving Luminary Vase

    This Thanksgiving Day vase turned candle holder is a perfect craft to grace your table during your Thanksgiving feast. Your kids will have so much...

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  8. "Out to Lunch" Books

    Here's a great way to create some unique book ideas this fall that you can make with your kids to get them ready to go...

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  9. Crazy Creature Magnets

    Crazy Creature Magnets

    Display your art or school work proudly with these crazy creature magnets made from puzzle pieces.

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  10. Thanksgiving Pictionary

    Thanksgiving Pictionary

    Sometimes my kids get a little restless on Thanksgiving as the grownups are preoccupied with getting that...

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  11. Fall Sensory Jar

    Fall Sensory Jar

    Your toddler will have lots of fun making this fun fall-inspired project. This activity works with fine motor skills as your child works on grasping the...

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  12. Chocolate Leaves

    Chocolate Leaves

    When you have a child coming to you at least once a day asking, "Mom, can I have a small handful of those chocolate chips?"...

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