9 Cool flags DIY projects

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  1. Simple Canada Day Flag

    Simple Canada Day Flag

    If you are proud of Canada, you can show it by making a beautiful, bold flag with your children! It's so simple to make (although...

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  2. An American Mosaic: Paper Flag Collage

    An American Mosaic: Paper Flag Collage

    To celebrate 4th of July, here's a great craft to get your kiddos in the spirit! Outside of being fun to make, tearing up paper...

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  3. Flag Day Fun!

    Flag Day Fun!

    Your kids will have so much fun creating flag paintings in honor of Flag Day or any holiday that celebrates a countries festivities/holidays. This flag...

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  4. Olympic Ring Flag Stamp

    Olympic Ring Flag Stamp

    Talk to your little ones about what the Olympics represent, why it's important to represent all regions on the world while they are making this...

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  5. Handprint Flag

    Handprint Flag

    Celebrate with this adorable handprint flag craft.

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  6. Flag Tree

    Flag Tree

    While at the craft store the other day, I grabbed a pack of those stick-on flags that are used to highlight or mark a page....

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  7. DIY Burlap American Flags

    DIY Burlap American Flags

    Painting right on burlap gives these a great rustic look. These flags were fun for the kids to make and I love the way they...

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  8. Salt Painting: Olympic Flags

    Salt Painting: Olympic Flags

    Inspired by the colorful flags of the Olympic opening ceremony, some pals (ages 3, 5, and 7) and I designed our own flags using a...

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  9. Tape-Resist American Flag

    Tape-Resist American Flag

    We just love summertime and all the patriotic holidays! This fun American flag is the perfect addition to a 4th of July parade or...

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