17 Cool flight DIY projects

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  1. Printable Flipping Fishies

    Printable Flipping Fishies

    Ready to experiment with flight? Make your own fish flyers!

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  2. Flying Straw

    Flying Straw

    Just a slight flick of the wrist will send this flyer soaring--try holding it different ways to see what gives you the longest soar! ...

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  3. Paper Plate Kite

    Paper Plate Kite

    There is something so fun and exciting about flying a kite. Make your own paper plate kite (and sneak in a little practice with tying)...

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  4. Frozen Ice and Sand Comets

    Frozen Ice and Sand Comets

    We love to learn about space! When learning about what comets are really made of, we decided to make our own. This fun experiment with...

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  5. Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    Cardboard Tube Rocket Ship

    My son is always dreaming about flying to the moon in a rocket ship. With this fun and easy craft, we found a way to...

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  6. Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing - it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using...

  7. Paper Plate Flyers

    Paper Plate Flyers

    Make a simple paper plate flyer. Just toss it like a frisbee, and see how far it flies!

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  8. Video: make moon craters!

    Video: make moon craters!

    In this simple experiment, use flour and cocoa to show how moon craters are made! Watch our video to see how it works, then try...

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  9. Recycled Space Ship

    Recycled Space Ship

    My five-year-old is in love with creating and flying, so we decided to create a space rocket using recycled materials.

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  10. Outer Space Parachute

    Outer Space Parachute

    Create a space module to parachute from space.

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  11. Hot Air Spinner

    Hot Air Spinner

    In this experiment, the light bulb is warming the air around it. Warm air is less dense than the colder air around it, so the...

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  12. Foil + Ribbon = Comet

    Foil + Ribbon = Comet

    Foil and ribbon comets are the perfect activity for reusing discarded ribbon after the holidays. If your kids are nuts about space like mine...

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  13. Kites


    Hey! Let's go fly a kite!

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  14. Balloon Propeller (Newton's Third Law)

    Balloon Propeller (Newton's Third Law)

    Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of motion says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Using everyday materials, your kids...

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  15. Paper Parachutes

    Paper Parachutes

    It's a bird...it's a plane...wait--could it be? It's a flying kitty! And an airborne...penguin?!

    My kids are fascinated with flight, so we decided to give their...

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