27 Cool flower DIY projects

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  1. Simple Sewing Flowers

    Simple Sewing Flowers

    A creative, decorative cardboard idea for flowers. A perfect project for keeping little fingers busy on a cold Winter's afternoon in front of the fire....

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  2. Love Bug

    Love Bug

    Handing out Valentine's cards at school is a time-honored tradition. Class mates and teachers alike will feel especially loved with these kid-made love bugs.

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  3. Clay Flower Pots

    Clay Flower Pots

    I had a few spare planting pots sitting around, so I decided to pull together this simple and fun activity for my visiting niece. Together...

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  4. Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief art is one of our favorites. Combine that with springtime flowers? Well, you can't get much better than that!

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  5. Spring Flower Lei

    Spring Flower Lei

    Spring is just around the corner and my kids and I enjoyed this fun and simple craft to get ready for the season!

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  6. Rose Print Napkin Set

    Rose Print Napkin Set

    I love the idea of functional art for gifts. These sweet napkins would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift and they are a lot of...

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  7. Glitter Shapes

    Glitter Shapes

    My daughter loved making these sparkly treasures. She made a few special shapes to attach to a birthday present for her best friend.

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  8. Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Watch your child’s face light up as he or she transforms a coffee filter into a beautiful watercolor flower. Making one is so simple and...

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  9.  Bendable Fabric Flower

    Bendable Fabric Flower

    Make a pretty flower from colorful fabric scraps and pipe cleaners. A fun way to dress up your desk or add some lively summer color...

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  10. Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers

    Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers

    Make a beautiful bouquet of flowers from pipe cleaners to give as a gift, decorate for Spring, or to use while playing.

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  11. Egg Carton Tulips

    Egg Carton Tulips

    I think tulips go hand and hand with spring. While we're waiting for our real tulips to bloom, this fun egg carton craft will suffice!...

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  12. Fingerprint Flowers

    Fingerprint Flowers

    It's so easy to make flowery art with fingerprints, and there's no reason to limit these pretty flowers to paper. Make a pretty gardening...

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  13. Paper and Button Flowers

    Paper and Button Flowers

    These flowers are so wonderfully bright and cheerful.... and so very easy and simple to make!

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  14. Spring Garden Collage

    Spring Garden Collage

    I love these kind of projects for children--there is no "right way" or "wrong way", you can use anything you have on hand, and they...

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  15. Jar + Yarn = Vase

    Jar + Yarn = Vase

    Mother's Day is coming up, and in our house, that means flowers! Since I had a big stash of empty jelly jars just waiting for...

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