94 Cool flowers DIY projects

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  1. Petal Art

    Petal Art

    Almost-four-year-olds do not want to sit and look at flowers. No, they want to pick them and feel them and glue them to something...Hence, petal...

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  2. Mother's Day Pressed Flower Frames

    Mother's Day Pressed Flower Frames

    Here's a beautiful way for your kids to make something sentimental and heart-felt for Mothers and Grandma's. What a thoughtful gift!

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  3. Flower Play at Preschool

    Flower Play at Preschool

    Toddlers are natural gatherers. Show them any sort of object in number and they will probably gather them all up. They will...

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  4. Box Top Hats!

    Box Top Hats!

    Here's a fun project for a kooky chapeau. All you need is some paint, glue and a wee box prime for recycling. To wear, pop...

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  5. Faux Floral Fun

    Faux Floral Fun

    Another fun project you can do with your kiddos is decorate vases for their flower shop! Have some faux floral fun!

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  6. Sunflower Pencil

    Sunflower Pencil

    Sunflower pencils are a nice addition to any room, especially a classroom. We think these sweet pencils are the perfect gift for a favorite teacher.

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  7. Fairy Umbrella

    Fairy Umbrella

    My daughter is a fairy-loving little girl. We have everything you could imagine in a miniature version, but recently she told me that she was...

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  8. Flower Coasters

    Flower Coasters

    Make your own flower or leaf coasters to use at your house or for a special gift.

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  9. Flower Monogram Signs

    Flower Monogram Signs

    I set up this craft to make a beautiful "E" for my daughter's room, but she had an even better idea--to make a 6 for...

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  10. Painted Hydrangeas

    Painted Hydrangeas

    Sometimes the simplest of crafts are the most loved and beautiful. My daughter questioned why these hydrangeas I brought home were white and not the...

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  11. Chrysanthemum Paintbrushes

    Chrysanthemum Paintbrushes

    Staring at my lovely fall chrysanthemums the other day, I had a thought: We should paint with these! Yes, I know, I'm silly like...

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  12. Flower Hair Clips

    Flower Hair Clips

    This is a fun and super easy craft, perfect for kids to make together at a playdate or as a take-home party favor. And you...

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  13. Flower Petal Art

    Flower Petal Art

    This art is made by smashing flower petals into cloth... younger children can do it too, with an extra precautionary step!

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  14. Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    My daughter just loves fairies. She wanted to make and name her own, so we tried this homemade fairy-making project!

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  15. In Georgia's Garden

    In Georgia's Garden

    Creative little ones ages 2-5 will love to create bright beautiful flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe! Enjoy!

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