100+ Cool foam DIY projects

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  1. Easter Egg Suncatcher Plaque

    Easter Egg Suncatcher Plaque

    My kids just loved this colorful Easter craft! It was the perfect addition to our Easter decor and, after dinner, the kids are going...

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  2. Pirate Flags

    Pirate Flags

    This is a great craft to talk about how pirate flags were to scare merchant ships so that the pirates could take over the ship...

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  3. Homemade Sunflower

    Homemade Sunflower

    Make our own versions of a sunflower, a giant in the flower world. They are so beautiful with their amazing textures and volume! A...

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  4. Fourth of July Visor Craft

    Fourth of July Visor Craft

    We found these great foam visors at the craft store that would be perfect for our July 4th barbeque. We just needed to add a...

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  5. "Paint"-and-Stick Foam Window Decor

    Let your toddler or preschooler "trim" a fun foam tree this holiday season!

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  6. Cardboard Cookie Shop

    Cardboard Cookie Shop

    Pretend bake shop is always such a hit in our house. Sometimes we use play dough and sometimes we use felt, but, today, cardboard and...

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  7. Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    I love that children consider so many things treasures. It's very sweet and innocent. My daughter collects treasures everywhere she goes so we decided to...

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  8. Magnetic Easter Eggs

    Magnetic Easter Eggs

    With a couple of strips of decorative duct tape, these easy-to-make and -decorate Easter eggs are the perfect addition to any magnetic surface.

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  9. Water Bottle Cover

    Water Bottle Cover

    Make a personalized water bottle cover out of foam and foam shapes., so everyone will always be able to tell which one is theirs!

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  10. Pipe Cleaner Crown

    Pipe Cleaner Crown

    With only 2 materials, this pipe cleaner crown is sure to be a perfect addition to playtime.

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  11. Layered Heart Collages

    Layered Heart Collages

    This fun project was such a hit. It involves several mediums that merge together to form a beautiful collage.

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  12. Foam Christmas Trees

    Foam Christmas Trees

    With a few materials, these easy to create trees are a fun little craft for the younger ones.

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  13. Shark Attack Games

    Shark Attack Games

    Shark attack! Have fun learning about colors, letters, or even money with this Shark Attack game made from a tissue box.

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  14. Turkey Math

    Turkey Math

    My son loved making these cute foam turkeys, and I was so surprised at how much time he has spent counting because of these little...

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  15. Turkey Math

    Turkey Math

    Kids have a great time crafting turkey art while practicing counting and work on some simple addition problems.

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