10 Cool foam shapes DIY projects

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  1. Pipe Cleaner Crown

    Pipe Cleaner Crown

    With only 2 materials, this pipe cleaner crown is sure to be a perfect addition to playtime.

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  2. Suncatchers and Cutouts

    Suncatchers and Cutouts

    Make items to hang in the window and catch the sunlight with your children! They will have a ball seeing the their precious artwork hanging...

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  3. Shape Stampede

    Shape Stampede

    Shapes and Stamping are all the rage when it comes to kids having fun while making art. Enjoy!

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  4. Peekaboo Travel Game

    Peekaboo Travel Game

    Create a simple, travel-handy Peekaboo Game which is easy to whip up and keep kids busy while on the road. Let them find the random...

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  5. Know My Shapes

    Know My Shapes

    Because of all of the easily recognized colors, shapes and lines, this craft connects quickly with them and their shorter attention span. It is immediate...

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  6. Water Bottle Cover

    Water Bottle Cover

    Make a personalized water bottle cover out of foam and foam shapes., so everyone will always be able to tell which one is theirs!

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  7. Christmas Tree Math

    Christmas Tree Math

    Christmas is coming and my little elves have been itching for some Christmas crafts. I love this one for my preschooler because it incorporates...

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  8. Foam Counting and Patterns

    Foam Counting and Patterns

    This is a simple activity that helps children learn math skills such as counting. It also allows children to practice using patterns (which helps with...

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  9. Glitter Glam

    Glitter Glam

    Glittered up some happy stars to decorate your walls at home. So simple your kiddos will enjoy making!

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  10. DIY Paper Lanterns

    DIY Paper Lanterns

    These paper lanterns are so much fun for any parties, birthdays, or any occasion! Hang them in a sunny room or outdoors and they will...

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