11 Cool frame DIY projects

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  1. Picture Frame Winter Scene

    Picture Frame Winter Scene

    We painted right on the glass of old picture frames to make some holiday decorations for our home. It was fun for the kids to...

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  2. Rolled Paper Picture Frame

    Rolled Paper Picture Frame

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  3. Apple Print

    Apple Print

    Fun with apples? Yes. Your child will have so much fun making art prints using painted fruit. A very easy, playful, and creative way for...

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  4. Tile Photo Frame

    Tile Photo Frame

    Play along with your child to create unique, personal, tiled photo frames. It's a great personal gift or decoration for your home and a fun...

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  5. Mosaic Frames

    Mosaic Frames

    Your kiddos can create these beautiful mosaic frames. They can make them as gifts or for any special occasion/holiday! What's even more exciting, is that...

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  6. Chalkboard Frame

    Chalkboard Frame

    My daughter and I may be a little obsessed with chalkboard paint! Since discovering it, we have turned our home into one big chalkboard! This...

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  7. Rubber Band Splatter Painting

    Rubber Band Splatter Painting

    This project's a messy one, but oh so fun! (Just make sure you do it outside!) I can't recall a time my children laughed so...

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  8. Twig Holiday Ornament

    Twig Holiday Ornament

    Create a nature-inspired holiday ornament for decorating the tree or giving to a loved one with the help of twigs from the yard and a...

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  9. Holiday Button Art

    Holiday Button Art

    Decorating my home for the holidays is such a joy--especially when my children make the decor! These festive frames are so fun to make and...

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  10. Pulled String Paintings

    Pulled String Paintings

    Want to create some art that will surprise you? Create unique pieces of artwork by pulling strings across a...

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  11. Beaded Holiday Art

    Beaded Holiday Art

    With a little prep from me, Maddie has made a series of holiday decorations for our home, as well as darling gifts for her grandmothers.

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