24 Cool fruits DIY projects

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  1. The Yummiest Lemonade Recipe for Lemonade Stands

    The Yummiest Lemonade Recipe for Lemonade Stands

    When your kids are hosting the best lemonade stand, they can make the best lemonade to sell! Easy to make and so refreshing!

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  2. Honey Orange Lemonade

    Honey Orange Lemonade

    A refreshing, and interesting twist on lemonade. It tastes great poured over ice and even better the next day after it has been in the...

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  3. Fruit Boats

    Fruit Boats

    Especially when it is warm outside, there nothing is cooler than a pirate ship made out of our favorite fruits!

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  4. Pomegranate Lime Bubbly

    Pomegranate Lime Bubbly

    A lip-smacking, refreshing, bright beverage! It comes out tasting like old fashioned home-made soda and is yum! Bottoms up!

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  5. Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Nothing says fall like a warm cup of mulled cider. The scent alone puts everyone in a good mood and the taste is divine.

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  6. Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich

    Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich

    A delicious apple and cheddar cheese combo. This is really quick to make and it's fun and mouthwatering to watch the cheese melt...

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  7. Apple Print

    Apple Print

    Fun with apples? Yes. Your child will have so much fun making art prints using painted fruit. A very easy, playful, and creative way for...

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  8. Pocket Pop Tarts

    Pocket Pop Tarts

    Pop Tarts are fun kid food, but they don't have to come from a box. It's pretty easy to replicate that tart-like taste using whole...

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  9. Baked Apples

    Baked Apples

    Mmmmm. S'mores baked apples! There's chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow baked inside this delightful treat. Your child will have fun getting into the stuffing process...

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  10. Sparkly Pom-Cranberries

    Sparkly Pom-Cranberries

    Sugared cranberries. Mmmmm. The promise of a burst of tart cranberry surrounded by a sweet sugary coating is hard to pass up. They're pretty low...

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  11. Patriotic Ice Pops

    Patriotic Ice Pops

    Nothing quite cools during hot summer days and celebrating the 4th of July with a colorful, patriotic ice pop! This craft recipe is also a...

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  12. Apple Printed Book Covers

    Apple Printed Book Covers

    One of the first homework assignments many kids need to complete is to cover their books. Why not have a little fun doing it? Using...

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  13. Spinach Strawberry Salad

    Spinach Strawberry Salad

    If you love fruit here is the perfect recipe for you and your family! Create a beautiful, fresh salad that is easy, healthy, and most...

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  14. Fruit Ice Cream

    Fruit Ice Cream

    Make your own delicious, fruity ice cream with this easy to follow recipe.

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  15. Animal Cracker Banana Pudding

    Animal Cracker Banana Pudding

    A low fat version of banana pudding. It has all that great banana-y, pudding-y goodness without all the fat and sugar. Topping it off with...

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