10 Cool gems DIY projects

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  1. Tinfoil Trees

    Tinfoil Trees

    These tinfoil trees are absolutely gorgeous and so fun for kids to make! Who knew tinfoil and tissue paper could be this beautiful?

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  2. No Sew Matzah Cover

    No Sew Matzah Cover

    Make a very fancy and Crafty Matzah Cover just in time for Passover. It won't matter what is hiding under your Matzah with a cover...

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  3. Glass Gem Christmas Ornaments

    Glass Gem Christmas Ornaments

    Here is an easy glass gem Christmas ornament craft that you can do with your kids. They are so pretty and almost look like an...

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  4. Make a Rainbow Fish

    Make a Rainbow Fish

    This is a fun craft that your kiddos will love. It gets their little hands moving while expressing themselves through art!

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  5. Tree Jewelry

    Tree Jewelry

    All of the leaves have fallen and our trees were looking a little bare, so we gave them some sparkle with CD's turned tree jewels!...

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  6. Magical Keys

    Magical Keys

    We have a new favorite! Not only was my daughter more excited than ever to make her very own magical keys, but the imaginative play...

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  7. Jeweled Garden Sticks

    Jeweled Garden Sticks

    I have heard that shiny things scare the pests away from snacking in the garden. I hope that's the truth, but either way adding these...

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  8. Lace Crown

    Lace Crown

    I think my daughter is inheriting my love for vintage. When she asked for a crown made of lace, I got teary eyed. Then I...

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  9. Egg Carton Mini Wreath

    Egg Carton Mini Wreath

    We accidentally came upon this sweet wreath craft when playing a stacking game with egg cups. When we had our tallest stack, my daughter shouted...

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  10. Flying Saucer

    Flying Saucer

    Flying saucers, spaceships, aliens, creatures from Mars...we love them all! So fascinating and fun for any age to imagine and pretend. This flying saucer craft...

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