200+ Cool gifts DIY projects

These DIY crafts make perfect gifts from the heart for your children to give to relatives this holiday season, or for thoughtful presents year-round.

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  1. Felt Cup Cozies

    Felt Cup Cozies

    These cup cozies make a fantastic and useful party craft, or you can just have some laying in your kitchen drawer... they're ideal for being...

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  2. No-Slip Socks

    No-Slip Socks

    What's better than slipping into a fresh pair of socks? Wearing socks that were made with love! These no-slip socks are a perfect gift for...

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  3. Painted Wooden Bead Necklaces

    Painted Wooden Bead Necklaces

    What kid doesn't love painting? The mere mention of paint gets my kids running for the table. Add in some big chunky beads that they...

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  4. Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

    Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

    We made these sweet candles with coffee beans and glue to give to family and friends over the holidays, but we also used them to...

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  5. Woven Greeting Card

    Woven Greeting Card

    This project is adaptable for all ages... the youngest children can use one piece of paper and cut slits into it, and older children can...

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  6. Stained Glass Mosaic Necklace

    Stained Glass Mosaic Necklace

    Kids will love this fun project! They'll watch in amazement as their artwork shrinks and turns into a beautiful necklace.

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  7. Salt Dough Gift Tags

    Salt Dough Gift Tags

    I am always amazed at how fast we fill up the trash can on Christmas morning. From wrapping paper to toy packaging--it all makes it...

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  8. Art Scrapbook

    Art Scrapbook

    We love to display artwork in our home, but what to do with our favorites when we're ready to put them away? Make a...

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  9. Kids' Drawings Turned into M&M'S

    Kids' Drawings Turned into M&M'S

    Party favors + Chocolate + Art = sheer happiness!

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  10. Heart Crayons

    Heart Crayons

    Melt the hearts of the ones you love with crayons! An fun and surprisingly easy way to create a unique way of giving someone your...

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  11. Art Thru A Straw

    Art Thru A Straw

    When the straws come out along with little pieces of scrap watercolor, you have a perfect craft for your little ones to show their love...

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  12. Teacher Appreciation Gift - Class Book of Love

    Teacher Appreciation Gift - Class Book of Love

    Make each teacher a book filled with smiling faces, happy drawings, beautiful memories and exuding love. A perfect way to say Thank You!

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  13. Watercolor and Painter's Tape

    Watercolor and Painter's Tape

    A couple of easy ingredients and you have a fun activity where your children can express their artistic side! Ain't paint grand?

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  14. Easy Make at Home Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

    Easy Make at Home Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

    Kids love to make Valentine's Day cards, and here is an idea that even your preschooler can enjoy!

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  15. Painted Hand Turkey

    Painted Hand Turkey

    These turkeys are great for little hands and make a great keepsake or Thanksgiving card!

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