22 Cool heart DIY projects

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  1. Heart Tea Tags

    Heart Tea Tags

    These heart tea tags were a fun after school project for your child, and they make quick, easy, (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day gifts!

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  2. Light-up Heart Flower

    Light-up Heart Flower

    Repurpose those pencils without erasers to create a light-up flower pencil! 

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  3. Crayon Party Favors

    Crayon Party Favors

    To make this easy, thoughtful, Valentine's Day party favor all you need it some old crayons and a heart-shaped muffin tin. Simple but guaranteed to...

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  4. Watercolor Hearts

    Watercolor Hearts

    These hearts were an experiment one afternoon. As we colored some heart cut-outs we added a few drops of water and watched how beautiful the...

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  5. Heart Luminaries

    Heart Luminaries

    Valentine's Day is such a sweet and fun holiday for crafting. We made this very precious heart votive jar as a way to decorate...

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  6. Healthy Apple Treats

    Healthy Apple Treats

    I love surprising my kids with little treats. A treat in our home doesn't mean candy or toys--it can be as simple as apples with...

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  7. Heart Art

    Heart Art

    Valentine's Day collages on canvas. Drizzled & swizzled & sprinkled with love.

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  8. Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    A simple and quick little project that involves crumbling, smashing and gluing - which is sure to be a delight in any child's eyes.

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  9. Layered Heart Collages

    Layered Heart Collages

    This fun project was such a hit. It involves several mediums that merge together to form a beautiful collage.

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  10. Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    My kids can be picky eaters, so lunch usually looks the same every day: the good ol' PB&J. So to make lunchtime a bit more...

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  11. Valentine Yogurt Treats

    Valentine Yogurt Treats

    Here's a simple, sweet, and healthy Valentine treat to counteract some of those not-so-good-for-you candies associated with the holiday of love. My kids love...

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  12. Clay Heart Valentine Pendants

    Clay Heart Valentine Pendants

    Looking for a gift for a friend, sibling, grandparent, or teacher? These sweet hearts are a cute way to show you care!

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  13. Paper Bag Heart Village

    Paper Bag Heart Village

    Today we made a village--a village of love, that is! It started out with a few paper bags...and became a magical little art project as...

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  14. Pumping Heart

    Pumping Heart

    Curious about how your heart pumps blood? Use this model to learn about the right atrium and ventricle! 

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  15. Family Love Garland

    Family Love Garland

    Love is in the air...and hanging from the doorways with this fun Valentine's Day garland! With some paper and ribbon, the kids took the...

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